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Below are baseball party ideas, decoration & styling tips and food & drink recipes which can be adapted for either a kid's, teen or adult birthday party



baseball batter





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Baseball Hat / Ball Invitations

A great 3D invitation to go with these baseball party ideas would be to send out an actual baseball. You can pick up official size and weight baseballs for $1.99 (below left), or alternatively use these relaxable baseballs (below right). See here for both options.

Write all the party information on a decorative shipping tag then tie it onto the ball with ribbon (use a dab of glue to stick the ribbon to the ball). You can embellish the presentation even more by sending them out in small gift boxes filled with shredded tissue paper.

baseballsrelaxable baseballs










Similarly, you can send out these mini plastic baseball caps (available for lots of different teams). These are actually small ice cream bowls but they're small enough to send out as invitations. Again, just write all the party details on a decorative shipping tag and tie on with ribbon.

baseball hat bowlsbaseball bowls





Edible Invitations

Edible invitations are always a big hit, and would make another great 3D invitation to go with these baseball party ideas.

You could make your own baseball cookies and wrap these in cellophane bags tied up with ribbon. Then just tie on a decorative shipping tag with all the party details on. If you're not the baking type, you can always buy these baseball cookies (below left) or these cute mini cookies (below right). See here for both types. If using the mini cookies, send out 3 cookies per invitation so that everyone gets a baseball bat, glove and ball.

baseball cookiesbaseball cookies













Personalized Baseball Invitations

If you prefer to a use a traditional invitation with these baseball party ideas there are lots of designs available, for both adults and kids, which can be personalized on-line. Some will even allow you to upload a photo (I particularly like the one in the style of a baseball card, below left, which allows you to upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl). See here for a full range.

baseball invitationsbaseball birthday invitationsbaseball party invitations

baseball invitationsbaseball party invitations












Fill In Style Baseball Invitations

If you're on a budget there are also plenty of ready-made fill-in style invitations available that would compliment these baseball party ideas. Some of these, such as the team specific ones (below left - more teams available) come with matching thank you notes too.

fill in baseball invitationsready made baseball invitations













Invitation Wording

If you're making your own invitations, or using the fill-in style ones, work in some familiar baseball phrases to the invitation wording. Below are some examples that would work well with these baseball party ideas:

  • Help us Knock it Out of the Park
  • Step Up to the Plate
  • It's our Little Slugger's 1st Birthday
  • Batter Up! It's Carson's 30th Birthday
  • Doug is turning 50...but It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over
  • Ben is joining the Big League
  • Get off the Bench and Join Our Team on [date]
  • The game starts at [time] or The gates open at [time]
  • Reply to Coach [Insert parent's last name] on 555-8716




Baseball Postage Stamps

You can add some extra embellishment to your invitations by using these baseball themed postage stamps (lots more designs available). This is a particularly nice touch if you're using these baseball party ideas for an adult birthday.

Note: These are only available in the USA

baseball stampsbaseball postage stampsbaseball postage stamps









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If you're using these baseball party ideas for an adult birthday, and you want to serve something a bit more special than just beer, here are some baseball inspired cocktail recipes:


The Curve Ball

Pick up some of these mini plastic goldfish bowls, then add red markings with a permanent marker pen to look like a baseball. Then use them as glasses and fill with any white cocktail such as a White Russian.

baseball cocktail




Cracker Jacks Cocktail

This cocktail (below, from Bourbon Buzz) recreates the flavor of Cracker Jacks, which is synonymous with baseball games. There's also a Cracker Jack Martini, which was created by the Avalon Hotel Beverley Hills, which is just vanilla vodka, butterscotch schnapps and white chocolate Godiva liqueur.

cracker jack cocktail




Peanut Cocktail

When you think of baseball games, it always brings to mind whole roasted peanuts. So serve this Peanut Cocktail (below from Liquor) which uses Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola and Peanut Syrup).

peanut cocktail




Cotton Candy Cosmo

Another food associated with baseball games that can be turned into a cocktail for these baseball party ideas is cotton candy. Check out this Cotton Candy Cosmo (below, by Campari America).

cotton candy cocktail






Kid's Drinks

A lot of the drinks above can also be adapted if you're using these baseball party ideas for a kid's birthday.


The Curve Ball (non alcoholic)

Make the baseball glasses using the mini fish bowls as described above but fill with a white smoothie, such as this Pineapple, Coconut, and Banana Smoothie.

baseball cocktail




Cracker Jack Milkshake

For kid's, serve this Cracker Jack Milkshake (below, by Sugar and Charm). Just don't forget to enquire about peanut allergies in advance.

cracker jack milkshake




Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake

This Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake (below, from The Detoxinista) is a good option for a peanut inspired drink for kids. Again, don't forget to check about peanut allergies first.

peanut butter milkshake




Cotton Candy Shirley Temple / Milkshake

You can make a Cotton Candy Shirley Temple by just topping up Lemon-Lime soda with Cotton Candy. Alternatively, use this recipe for Cotton Candy Ice Cream then blend it with milk to make a Cotton Candy Milkshake.

cotton candy drinks







matts tip


Below are some food suggestions to go with these baseball party ideas.


  • Hot Dogs are obviously the perfect accompaniment to a baseball game. But you can make them a bit more special by serving a selection of gourmet hot dogs with different toppings. Set up a Gourmet Hot Dog bar and offer different types of dogs, buns, and toppings for people to experiment with. Check out this collection of different hot dog recipes which includes everything from Classic Coney Island Hot Dogs to Hawaiian Style Spicy Mango-Pineapple Hot Dogs (below left, by Coconut & Lime) and Hot Dogs with Cheddar and Sauteed Apples (below right, from Food & Wine).

gourmet hot dogsgourmet hot dog recipes









  • Alternatively, you could mix things up serving sweet versions of hot dogs with these Hot Dog Cookies (below left, from Taste of Home) or these Hot Dog Cakes (below right, by Sweet Cherry Pie) make from Choux Pastry Buns and Devil's Food Cake.

hot dog cookieshot dog cakes


  • Nachos are another concession stand food associated with baseball games, but if you want to do something a bit different try serving these Nacho Cupcakes (below left, by Sweet Simple Stuff) or this Nacho Cheesecake (below right, from Food Network).

nacho cupcakesnacho cheesecake









  • Similarly, you could make these french fries out of pound cake (below, by Karen Tack at Parenting). Serve in a basket as shown and see how long it takes people to notice that they're sweet.

french fries cake


  • While you could just serve cotton candy at your baseball party, it's always better to do something a bit more creative if you can. So try making this Cotton Candy Mousse (below, from In Katrina's Kitchen).

cotton candy mousse


  • Serve Cracker Jacks and whole peanuts in little paper bags. Alternatively, you can try your hand at homemade Cracker Jacks with this great recipe (below, from The Kitchn).

cracker jack recipe


cracker jack chicken


  • Alternatively, for a dessert take on Cracker Jacks, try this Cracker Jack ice cream recipe (below, from 1 Fine Cookie). You could also use this to make milkshakes by blending with milk.

cracker jack ice cream


  • Use this cute baseball pasta (USA only), shaped like bats, gloves and balls to make pasta salads or hot dishes.

baseball pasta


  • Check out these amazing baseball themed sandwiches (below, by Beth at Hungry Happenings). She just used a red food pen to draw the baseball stitching onto a round piece of Provolone cheese.

baseball sandwitches


  • The idea above got me thinking about other foods you could apply this to. Babybel Cheeses are perfect party snacks for a kid's party, so just draw on the stitching using a red food marker (see illustration below as an example).

baseball party food


  • You could also do something similar to make open cream cheese bagels by spreading the cream cheese over the entire bagel (filling in the hole in the middle) then cutting strips of red pepper or tomato to make the stitching (see illustration below for example - obviously this is an illustration so the stitching looks quite detailed, but you can easily simplify this to something resembling the stitching made with a food marker in the open sandwich photo above).

baseball sandwiches


  • Another way to make baseball themed sandwiches is to pick this cookie cutter set (below) and use it to shape regular sandwiches. You can also use them to create shaped pizza slices, fruit, cheese and of course, cookies.

baseball cookie cuttersbaseball cookies









  • In addition to using the cookie cutters to make pizza slices, you could also make whole pizza's look like baseballs by arranging slices of pepperoni to look like the stitching (see example below from It's On My To Do List). This would be a good option if you're using these baseball party ideas for an adult birthday.

baseball pizza



  • Baseball cupcakes are actually a lot simpler to make than they might look. This recipe (below, from Martha Stewart) uses red licorice laces for the stitching. Alternatively you could follow this tutorial for Baseball Cake Pops (below, by Courtney at Sweet C's Designs). She pipes the red stitching on, but if you're looking for a shortcut I reckon you could probably add these with a red food marker.

baseball cupcakesbaseball cake pops


  • If you just want to decorate regular cupcakes, there are plenty of different toppers and wrappers available. I really like this decorating kit because it's really tastefully designed.

baseball cupcake decorations


  • Alternatively, you can buy various toppers such as baseballs, caps, shirts, edible mitts and mini baseball figures. See here for a full range.

baseball cake toppersbaseball cake picksbaseball icing decorationsbaseball cake decorations


baseball cookie recipebaseball cookies


baseball rice krispie treatsbaseball cap cookies









  • There's also lots of great baseball themed candy available, which is good for filling out a dessert table. These include personalized chocolate bars and lollipops.

baseball candy barbaseball lollipopsbaseball lollipop


  • Or these chocolate baseballs, baseball Pez (lots of teams available) and bats filled with gumballs. See here for these.

chocolate baseballsbaseball candybaseball pez


  • With all the sweet food and candy at a party, it's always a good to include a few healthy options. So make a fruit plate in the shape of a baseball diamond (see below - the illustration's a bit crude but you get the idea).

    baseball diamondfruit baseball diamond

    Lay out green grapes to make the grass and use pineapple for the dirt area. Cut the pineapple lengthways to keep the semi circular shape, then cut some extra rectangular sticks of pineapple to arrange around straight edges of the diamond. Finally use small cookie cutters to cut out circles for the bases. A nice touch would be to add a few of these baseball figure cake toppers.

    grapebaseball cake decorationspineapple slices


  • You could also do something similar with vegetables and dip. Use green vegetables such as celery, cucumber, broccoli, green pepper for the grass and hummus for the dirt area.

baseball party food


baseball strawberries






Birthday Cake

  • If you want to make a cake from scratch, there are some cool cake pans available to go with these baseball party ideas, including a baseball mitt, cap (for most teams) and ball. See here for these.

baseball glove cake panbaseball cake panbaseball cap cake pan


  • If you're not really a baker, you can pick up one of these edible images to lay on top of a regular cake for a quick and easy option

baseball edible imagebaseball edible cake imagebaseball edible image


baseball edible cake topperpersonalized baseball cake image


baseball cake decorating kitbaseball cake decorations


  • There are also plenty of baseball themed candles that you can incorporate into your cake decorations. Some of these, such as the baseball bats and small enough that you can use them on cupcakes too.

baseball candlesbaseball cake candlesbaseball birthday cake candles


  • Think about the presentation of your cake too. You can greatly improve the appearance of the cake by styling it with a few simple props. For example, if you've gone for the mitt, cap or baseball cake you could lay it on one of these tissue grass mats with a real baseball, bat or glove alongside it, or with a pennant flag for your favorite team. See here for these supplies.

tissue grassbaseball pennant flag














Food & Drink Styling


matts tip


Buffet / Dessert Table

Below are some tips for how to style and decorate your food in keeping with these baseball party ideas.


  • To create a dessert table such as this one as part of your baseball party decorations, follow the step by step guide below:

baseball dessert table


  • Create a backdrop by hanging this baseball jersey striped fabric (below left) which is available by the yard. Alternatively, there are numerous other baseball themed fabrics available, such as team specific prints (below center) and generic baseball themed images (below right). See the full range here.

baseball fabricbaseball fabricbaseball fabric


  • You can make your own sign, like the one that reads 'Batter Up' in the illustration above, by downloading this free font by Måns Grebäck called Brannboll (below left). Just download the font, unzip it if you need to (with something like Winzip), then just drag the files into the font folder on your computer to install them). If you want to make the sign yourself at home, and you want it to be quite big, then print each letter individually onto card, cut them out then line them up on the wall. Note: Use the number keys, such as 1, 2, 3 to get the tail that runs underneath the word. Finally, hang one of these cardboard baseball cut outs (below right) behind the letters as show in the illustration above.

baseball cut out



baseball font








  • You can dress around the front of the table with a team specific pennant banner, depending on what your favorite team is, and position bunches of team balloons at each end. See here for these supplies.

baseball pennant bannerbaseball balloons











  • For a centerpiece, hang a baseball jersey and cap then arrange a few baseball accessories such as a mitt and bat. If you don't already have bat, you can pick up mini bats (18") for around $8 (below left). You can also fill a tall vase with baseballs. Either use real ones, or you can pick up these relaxable ones by the dozen (below center). Alternatively, for a budget option you can get these 6" inflatable baseballs which are just $5 for a dozen. See here for all these supplies.

baseballsinflatable baseballsrelaxable baseballs


  • Another way to dress a dessert / buffet table in keeping with these baseball party ideas is pictured below:

baseball dessert table


  • For this display I've used baseball cards to create a backdrop. You can pick these up really cheaply here (around $12 for 500 cards). Just glue cards along vertical strips of ribbon with equal spaces between them in order to create a grid effect. Then hang the vertical strips of ribbon from the ceiling against a plain wall to create a backdrop for your dessert / buffet table.

baseball cards


  • Break up the baseball cards, by hanging a personalized baseball themed banner above the dessert / buffet table. There are loads of different designs available, including some team specific banners (not personalized).

baseball banner

baseball banner

baseball banners

baseball banners

new york yankees banner



  • Below is another option for a baseball themed dessert / buffet table to go with these baseball party decorations:

baseball dessert table


  • For the dessert table above, just apply a baseball themed wall decal to a plain wall. There are lots of different types available depending on your budget from basic silhouettes (below left), to shadow style decals (below center) and the ones in the illustration above (below right). The great thing about these decals is that you can peel and re-stick them so you can always use them to decorate a kid's bedroom after the party.

baseball wall stickersbaseball wall decalsbaseball decals


baseball jersey balloonbaseball glove balloonbaseball balloons


  • Below is one final dessert / buffet table idea, which is particular good if you're using these baseball party ideas for a kid's birthday.

baseball party decorations


  • The dessert table above is largely made up of a stadium scene setter. This comes in two halves, a lower deck (below left) and an upper deck (below center). You can also pick up some add ons such as the score board and dug out (below right). The great thing about this scene setter is that it's 30ft long, so you can use it to dress more than one wall.

baseball scene setterbaseball add onsbaseball room roll


  • To tie in with the stadium theme, cover the tabletop with these tissue paper grass mats (below left). Alternatively, for a budget option you could use this grass print table cover (below right). See here for both.

tissue grass matsgrass tablecover










  • For a centerpiece, fill this baseball player shaped balloon with helium and fasten it to the back of the table. It's over 3 ½ ft tall so it will make a big impression. Then hang this baseball shaped balloon down from the ceiling alongside it. See here for both.

baseball player balloonbaseball balloons














Food Presentation

Below are some food presentation and styling tips to go with these baseball party ideas.

baseball peanutspeanut labels


  • If you're serving hot dogs, you can give them an authentic concession stand feel by serving them in these holders (below left). For other foods, such as nachos, you can use the snack trays (below center) and for popcorn there are cartons (below right) or paper bags. See here for these supplies.

hot dog holderspopcorn boxescarnival snack servers


  • If you're designing your party around a particular team you can style your drinks accordingly using these light up ice cubes (below left), drinks picks (below center) and plastic cups. Note: These products are not available for all teams. See here for these supplies.

baseball ice cubesbaseball plastic cupsbaseball drinks picks


  • If you're using these baseball party ideas for a kid's birthday you could use these plastic baseball sippers, which would make great party favors.

baseball cups


  • These baseball cap ice cream bowls are great for serving candy and other treats in and they'll look great lined up on a dessert / buffet table.

baseball hat bowlsbaseball hat bowls











baseball bowlbaseball platterbaseball platter


  • If you're making homemade Cracker Jacks with the recipe above, then use this free download (courtesy of Vanessa at Tried and True) to print off some tasteful labels so you can serve in little cellophane or paper bags.

homemade cracker jackscracker jacks labels















  • If you're serving cake pops, lollies or anything else on sticks you can present them on one of these cheap foam fingers. Just stick the skewers into the foam finger so it acts as a base plate.

foam fingers






Table Styling


matts tip


Below are some table styling tips to go with these baseball party ideas.

  • I'd suggest covering the table with this grass print table cover, to resemble a baseball pitch. You can then add some texture by using these tissue grass mats - which you could run down the center of the table like a runner. See here for both these products.

grass tablecovertissue grass mats









  • Depending on the size of your table, you could also use this baseball diamond fabric panel (which is 36" x 44") over the top of a plain green tablecloth. Or position it in the center of the table and cut the tissue paper grass mats to fit around the edges of the fabric panel so that the entire tabletop is covered.

baseball diamond fabric panel


baseball jersey platesbaseball napkinsbaseball plates


  • Alternatively, if you don't want to use team tableware there are also plenty of generic baseball themed plates, cups and napkins available including this cute 'Lil Slugger' range for 1st birthdays (below right). See here for a full range.

baseball platesbaseball platesbaseball 1st birthday decorations


  • This baseball confetti is also pretty cute to sprinkle over the tabletop for a kid's party.

baseball confetti


  • For a centerpiece, use a simple glass vase filled with baseballs. This will look great on the tissue grass mats (if you're not using the grass mats on the tabletop, just pick up one mat to sit the centerpiece on). Then scatter a few baseball accessories around the vase such as a mini bat, glove, cap and pennant flag . (If you want to do this as cheaply as possible, and you don't already own any baseball accessories, see the Dessert Table section above for mini bats and cheap baseballs then use one of the baseball cap ice cream bowls as the hat).

baseball centerpiece


  • If you'd prefer a floral arrangement as a centerpiece there are various baseball planters and vases available that you can just add flowers to. The planters are quite small (a bit like a mug) but as you can see from the picture below you can still create a decent centerpiece by adding a tall / large bouquet.

baseball flowersbaseball vasebaseball planter


  • Alternatively, if you're a bit more craftsy you could try making your own baseball floral centerpiece like this one (below left). Carnations are great for modelling into balls and it's actually fairly easy - you're just inserting Carnation stems into Styrofoam balls. See a full description for how to create Carnation balls like these (below right, from Delish, photo by Charles Schiller). Make these using white Carnations, then add red Carnations to create the stitching of the baseball.

baseball flowerscarnation centerpiece













dont forget




baseball party Decorations

Below are some decorating tips to compliment these baseball party ideas.

Quick Links

To see a full range of baseball party decorations and supplies use the quick links below. These suppliers have the best range and between them they have something for all budgets.

usa flagBaseball Supplies
Baseball Decorations
Baseball Party Supplies

uk flagBaseball Birthday Supplies

usa flagBaseball Party Decorations


  • Always start with some baseball party decorations outside your venue / home, even if its just something simple, to greet guests as they arrive and identify the party. This could be bunches of team balloons leading up to the entrance, a yard sign, foam fingers pointing the way from the road up the drive and to the front door or a simple vertical banner at the entrance. See here for these supplies.

baseball balloonsbaseball yard signbaseball foam fingerbaseball banner


  • If you're a bit more craftsy you can follow the step by step instructions to make this cute baseball wreath to hang on the front door (below, by Miranda & Jamie at The Pinterest Project).

baseball wreath


  • Use these 20" cardboard cut outs of baseball players to make your own hanging decorations. Just stick 3 or 4 of them to long strips of ribbon, equally spaced, then hang vertically from the ceiling to create homemade danglers. There are also 13" cardboard baseball cut outs too which you can do the same with - or mix the two alternating a baseball player and a ball along the strip of ribbon. You can also apply the same principle to these cheap foam fingers. See here for all these supplies.

baseball player cut outsfoam fingersbaseball cut outs


baseball danglersbaseball hanging decorationsbaseball dangerls


  • You can also make your own baseball lanterns to use as hanging decorations or string lights. Just use white paper lanterns and red rick rack (below center) for the stitching. I always think it's nice to have something hanging above the dinner table to fill the empty space above head height. These lanterns would look great arranged in a cluster (see example below right from Martha Stewart) , alternatively you can just use 3 or 4 arranged in a line, equally spaced, running down the length of the table as if mirroring a table runner.

baseball lanternshanging paper lanternsrick rack


  • Update: You can now buy baseball themed lanterns if you don't have the time to make these yourself. There are also some team specific lanterns, although these are not available for all teams. See here for both.

baseball lanternsbaseball string lanterns










  • Baseball posters are an easy way to decorate larger areas. There's lots of different types available such as team logos or individual players.

baseball postersbaseball logo postersretro baseball posters


  • You can also get some nice vintage baseball posters, which is a nice way to give your party more of a classic feel. If you want to for a vintage baseball theme, you could use a couple of these posters to create a nice backdrop for a vintage baseball dessert table.

vintage baseball postersvintage baseball poster


vintage baseball posters



  • I particularly like this scoreboard poster, which can be personalized to include your family name as the name of the ball park or home team. You could also use this as a backdrop for a dessert table.

baseball scoreboard poster


vintage baseball flagsbaseball flagsbaseball flags


  • If you're using these baseball party ideas for a kid's birthday, these 14" inflatable baseballs are fun. You could just scatter some of these around the party for the kids to play with. You can also get inflatable bats too. See here for both.

inflatable baseballsinflatable baseball bat










  • Alternatively, these inflatable punching bags are 40" tall and would make fun baseball party decorations - especially for a kid's birthday.

inflatable baseball punch baginflatable baseball buddy punching bagbaseball punching bag


  • Finally, there's also these 'Lill Slugger' baseball wall decals which you can use to decorate. The great thing about these is that you can use them again after the party to decorate your child's room. You can just peel and re-stick them easily.

baseball wall decals






If you're using these baseball party ideas for a kid's birthday, let the birthday boy or girl dress up in a baseball costume. The kit (below left) features a kid's size team jersey, cap and wristbands (various teams available). Alternatively, have an adult dress up to greet people as they arrive and lead the party games later. See here for a full range of costumes.

kids baseball costumebaby baseball costumebaseball costume




Party Games and Activities

See my separate page of party games and activities to go with these baseball party ideas and decorations.

baseball gamesbaseball party gamesbaseball certificates





Party Favors

  • There are lots of little toys and novelties, such as paddle ball games, stickers and personalized buttons, that can be used as favors with these baseball party ideas.

baseball bounce ballsbaseball favorsbaseball buttons


baseball party favorsbaseball favors













Thank You Notes

baseball thank you notesbaseball thank you cards








baseball invitations and thank you notesbaseball thank you notes













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