baseball party games

These baseball party games, crafts and activities are mainly intended for a kid's birthday. That said, one or two—such as the photo stand-in or the sign a baseball—could be adapted for an adult birthday party.


Guess the Team

Incorporate a quiz into your baseball party games by having guests try to guess which city each team represents. For kid's you could do this with visual clues, so you show them an object and they guess the corresponding city. Some examples might be:

  • A pair of Red Socks for Boston
  • A tiger for Detroit
  • A picture of identical twins for Minnesota
  • A pirate for Pittsburgh


You could probably adapt this game into a quiz for adults by making the clues a bit more cryptic. For example:

  • A selection of different beer cans (for Milwaukee Brewers)
  • A photo of the Prince William & Kate Middleton (for Kansas City Royals)
  • A slice of Rocky Road brownie (for Colorado Rockies)


detroit tigers logoboston red sox logopittsburgh pirates logo




What's Missing

If you've prepared a selection of items for the game above, you can use the same objects to play another one of these baseball party games which is perfect for kids. Just arrange all the objects onto a tray for everyone to memorize, then take away one item and see if anyone can identify what's missing. You can also trick them once or twice by not taking anything away and see how long it takes them to realize.




Baseball Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts always go down well at kid's parties, and you can create a simple one as part of these baseball party games by hiding cheap baseball cards (see supplier 3) all around the house and garden. Every ten baseball cards collected could be exchanged for a prize at the end of the game.

You could also mix in a few hidden baseballs which could be more valuable and allow the finder to exchange for a prize.

baseball cards




Inflatable Baseball

These inflatable baseball bats and balls are really handy for younger kids so they can still have a bit of a play too. Alternatively, you can pick up one of these cheap kits (below right) which also includes a stand. Both are available from supplier 3.

inflatable baseballsinflatable baseballinflatable baseball bat





You can also get larger 14 - 16" inflatable baseballs (supplier 3) which you can use to play a game of dodgeball with a baseball theme.

inflatable baseballs




Crazy Baseball

If you want to make a game of baseball a bit more fun for younger kids, try playing crazy baseball. Each batter could be given a different handicap when it's their turn to bat. Some examples might be:

  • Running backwards
  • Hopping
  • Running in slow motion
  • Walking like a chicken
  • Doing a crazy dance move while running between bases
  • Spinning around 3 times before batting




Baseball Photo Op

This baseball stand in (supplier 2) would create a great photo op for an adult birthday party, or use these photobooth props from supplier 4.

baseball stand upbaseball photobooth props







Baseball Obstacle Course

Set up a baseball obstacle course filled with different challenges, then split everyone into pairs to play. Some ideas are:

  • Run between two points while keeping a (soft) baseball off the ground by pressing it between two inflatable baseball bats. Each player can only hold one baseball bat, forcing them to work as a team to keep pace. If they drop the ball they must return to the beginning and start again.
  • Run between two points using an inflatable baseball bat to keep a balloon in the air at all times. If the balloon touches the ground they must start again.
  • Throw 3 balls into a bucket some distance away to practise pitching.
  • Tie an inflatable baseball to a piece of string and hang it down from the ceiling - then swing it. Using an inflatable baseball bat each player must touch the ball 3 times as it swings while wearing a blindfold.
  • Run between two points balancing a baseball on a foam finger.
  • Have two players pass a baseball to and from each other from under their chins - without using their hands. After a player passes the ball to their team mate, they then run around to stand in front of their team mate so they can take it back again. The person holding the ball is not allowed to move off the spot. They keep repeating the process until they've moved a certain distance from point A to point B.




Baseball certificates

Award these certificates, below left, that come with baseball shaped holders for everyone that completes the baseball obstacle course above (see supplier 3). Alternatively, use these printable ones from supplier 4.

baseball certificatesbaseball certificates







Pin the Baseball On

Pick up this cheap variation of the traditional 'Pin the Tail On' to go with these baseball party games. Available from supplier 3.

baseball party games




Sign a baseball

A great souvenir for the birthday boy or girl is to have all the guests sign either a baseball, bat or shirt (all from supplier 3).

baseball shirtbaseballsbaseballs

Alternatively, you can have get everyone to sign one of these personalized baseball bats (availabe from supplier 3).

personalized baseball batspersonalized baseball bats






Pitching Games

There are a couple of baseball party games available that are perfect for younger kids such as this inflatable ball toss game (below left, supplier 3) and this baseball themed bean bag toss one (below right, supplier 5). See here for both.

baseball gamebaseball games












Baseball Pinata

Finish off your baseball party games with a pinata. You can get these shaped like baseballs or jerseys (lots of teams available). Both available from supplier 1 or 3).

baseball pinatabaseball jersey pinata












More baseball Party ideas

For more ideas on invitations, food & drink, and party decorations to go with these baseball party games, check out my separate page of Baseball Party Ideas.

baseball sandwitchesbaseball wreathbaseball flowers






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