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60th Birthday Gifts

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Get 60th Birthday gift ideas for men and women.

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If you're tired of the same old clichéd party ideas, and are looking for something more inspiring or just a little bit different, this site is packed with original and creative party ideas. I'm Matt James, an award-winning professional event planner who has produced events for many celebrities including Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Stella McCartney, among others. On this site I'll share professional tips, advice, and trade secrets—that anyone can do—in order to add some creative touches to your party or celebration; whatever your budget.

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60th Birthday Gifts

Let's face it, most gift websites suck!

They're usually full of the same old tacky and useless gifts that merchants are desperate to sell, but that no-one really wants to receive.

Honestly, no-one gets excited about personalized golf balls, cuff links, monogrammed bath robes, or a 'World's Best Mum' mug. I personally hate these type of 'obvious choice' generic gifts. They're always based on such clichéd ideas of what men and women want: Men = golf accessories, tools, ties, and grilling equipment. Women = engraved glass ornaments, jewelry boxes, tote bags, chocolates, and photo frames. Snore!

And don't be fooled into thinking that because they'll engrave someone's name on a gift, that makes it personal. Truly personal gifts are ones that are thoughtful, sentimental, or consider the genuine hobbies, tastes, needs, and interests of the recipient.

So I've put together a selection of less obvious gift ideas below, which covers sentimental gifts, fun personalized gifts, gifts for book lovers, gifts for food & drink connoisseurs, and gifts for lovers of tech and gadgets. While I don't expect these to be to everyone's taste, I hope they'll inspire you to seeks out truly personal, thoughtful, unusual, or simply useful gifts that the recipient will actually enjoy for their 60th birthday.


60th birthday gifts

In This Section...

Sentimental Gifts

A collection of sentimental, thoughtful, unique, or personalized 60th birthday gifts for men and women.


Fun personalized Gifts

A selection of lighthearted, humorous, and fun 60th birthday gifts for men and women.


Gifts for Book Lovers

60th birthday gifts for lovers of literature.


Gifts for food & drink connoisseurs

60th birthday gifts for wine, beer, whiskey, and gourmet food lovers.


Gifts for tech & gadget lovers

Fun or functional 60th birthday gift ideas for lovers of technology and gadgets.


60th Birthday Party ideas

Ideas for 60th birthday invitations, decorations, food & drink, and party themes.


Sentimental gifts

Generations Family Portraits

These portraits, that capture several generations of one family, would make a wonderfully sentimental 60th birthday gift that you can have framed or reproduced on any number of smaller products, such as phone cases, pillows, throws, watches, backpacks, mugs, and more.

generations family portraits
Photo: Pinterest (Original Source Unknown)
generations family portraits
Photo: Color Me Meg
generations family portraits
Photo: Heather Segars Photography (Seattle)
generations family portraits
Photo: Fun Guerilla

To achieve this effect, you need to take each photo separately with each person holding an empty frame (except the person who will be in the smallest photo at the end of the sequence). Amber Moose from Moose Photography has created a tutorial here with some great tips for how best to to take the photos.

Once you've taken the photos, you just need to combine them into one image using Photoshop. If you don't use Photoshop, you can email it to one of these guys here to do it for you for around $5.

generations family portraits

Once you've got the final image, check out this site here for lots of ways to turn it into canvas, framed, or mounted wall art. If you find something you like, be sure to check out this page on their site where they have lots of different discount coupons that are often 30% - 50% off. Plus you can use code: SHIP49 for free shipping on orders $49+ which is particularly useful if you're having the image framed.

Alternatively check out this site here, which I think has the best range of photo gifts that you can print the image onto, such as phone cases, watches, backpacks, pillows, and lots more.

custom photo phone case
custom photo watch
personalized photo tray
personalized photo cushion

reasons we love you

I came across a number of these types of photos online, where people are photographed holding up individual signs to express different sentiments, which are then combined into one grid-style image. Often they're used for school photos, such as "When I grow up I want to be..." or "We think teacher Stacy is....", but I think this could also make a really special 60th birthday gift, along the lines of "60 reasons we love you..." or "What I love most about you...".

You don't even have to get friends and family members together to produce this. Instead you could ask each person to take their own and send it to you to arrange. Just remember to give everyone the same instructions if you want the final image to have some consistency e.g. the type of background they should use, what color of sign, whether it should be a full length photo (which would give you more freedom to crop to size later) etc.

To combine all the photos together in one final image, you can email it to one of these guys to do it for you for around $5. Once you've got the final image, check out this site here for lots of ways to turn it into canvas, framed, or mounted wall art. If you find something you like, be sure to check out this page on their site where they have lots of different discount coupons that are often 30% - 50% off. Plus you can use code: SHIP49 for free shipping on orders $49+ which is particularly useful if you're having the image framed. Alternatively check out this site here, which I think has the best range of photo gifts that you can print the image onto, such as phone cases, watches, backpacks, pillows, and lots more.

reasons we love you photo collage
Photo: Project Kid
reasons we love you photo collage
Photo: Pinterest
When we grow collage
Photo: Pinterest

Spell it out

Another variation on the above idea is to spell out a birthday message by having each person hold up a sign with one letter or word on it. It could be "We love you Mum" or a simple "Happy 60th Birthday". While you could upload the final image to a site like this to create a unique birthday card or have it framed, I think these type of sentimental and thoughtful photographs are a bit wasted just on cards. If you've made the effort to create something special like this, have it reproduced on something the birthday boy or girl will get more use out of, such as a phone case, pillow, throw, or mug. See here for more photo product ideas.

Photo: Deavita

60 reasons why we love you: typography

Another variation of the 60 Reasons we Love You idea is to have friends and family contribute one or two reasons each, then collect them all together to be typeset professionally in a beautiful artwork that you can then have framed as a gift. My favorite design is the one with the red square pictured below (although this can be any color) which is available here, but there are other designs, like the ones below, available here.

reasons we love you custom artwork
reasons we love you custom artwork
reasons we love you custom artwork
reasons we love you custom artwork

60 reasons we love you: photo canvas

Another way to reproduce the 60 Reasons We Love you sentiments is to have them arranged around a photo of the birthday boy or girl. The examples below are from weddings, where couples have reproduced their vows, but I think this idea would work really well with a nice portrait of the person surrounded by all the reasons they're loved by friends and family. Check out the different canvas options here.

reasons we love you custom photo canvas
reasons we love you custom photo canvas

read me when....

Nobody writes letters anymore—which is what makes them so special. This gift box of "Read Me When..." letters would make a wonderfully personal 60th birthday gift. The pack comes with 9 cards and envelopes for different scenarios such as "Read me when I don't listen to your advice" or "Read me when you need a laugh". Just fill in the blanks in the situation-specific letters to add your personal thoughts and messages, seal them in the corresponding envelopes, and present the box to the birthday boy or girl so they can enjoy these thoughtful notes at different moments throughout the year. It's a great way to be there in spirit when you can't be there in person.

Options include "Letters to My Incredible Dad", "Letters to My Wonderful Mum", "Letters to My Very Best Friend", and "Letters to the Love of My Life". Check them out here.

For a more handmade feel, this version (available here) allows you to write your letters in advance then email them to the designer who will reproduce them in an elegant script before sealing them in decorative envelopes with a personalized wax stamp featuring the recipient's initial. All the letters and envelopes are then presented in a kraft box also sealed with a personalized wax stamp. I think this is a lovely way to make this gift look and feel even more special.

If you prefer to hand-write the letters in full yourself, check out this option which allows the gift-giver to fill a small box with letters, jokes, photos, voice messages, artwork and more for future opening. You can even include a recordable voice card to include a person message in your own voice. The recipient gets to open their box to find the best gift ever: their loved one’s encouraging words, laughter, voice and more whenever they need them the most.

letters to my dad / mum / best friend / love etc

A slightly different take on the "Read Me When" letters above, these letters celebrate aspect of your relationship with the recipient. Each letter starts with a prompt, such as "A special memory I have of you is...", "From you, I learned the importance of...", "One thing I'm glad we share is..", "I always think of you when..", " I love that our family is...",
"One thing I admire about you is...", "The best adventure we've had together was..", "I've always wanted to tell you...", "Thank you for...", "In the future I hope we..." plus there are 2 additional blank letters for you to create your own topics.

Different options are available for Dad, Mum, Friend, Love, Daughter, and Grandchild. Check them out here.

my life story so far / the story of a lifetime

This journal, My Life Story—So Far, gives the birthday boy or girl prompts for recording their life's experiences, relationships, and hard-won wisdom. Beginning with "The Early Years," it's organized into nine sections, each containing thought-provoking prompts to capture memories of first dates, lifelong friendships, meaningful stories, and pearls of wisdom gathered along the way. There's even a section dedicated to list the things they hope to accomplish next. Check it out here.icon

Alternatively, there's a similar option called The Story of a Lifetime, which is a great way for the recipient to pass along the type of knowledge and wisdom that can't be captured in a traditional family tree. The book contains 500 simple to provocative questions such as  “What period of your life did you enjoy the most?” and “What did you feel your greatest contribution to life has been?”. It's a great gift that will become a treasured family heirloom to be passed down through generations. The front cover can also be personalized with the recipient's name and a short message. Check it out here.

A day to remember: new york times birthday book

These coffee table style custom birthday book from the New York Times are a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday. There are a few different options available, such as one that starts with The Times from the day the person was born, followed by every birthday in their life, or another containing the headlines, articles, photographs and advertisements that appeared in the paper on any chosen date since 1851. It's made even more special with a personalized premium linen cover. Check it out here.

a day to remember: historical newspapers

If you prefer a different, more local, newspaper, check out the range of historical newspapers available here, such as the San Francisco Chronicle or the Dallas Morning News. In addition to the "Day of Birth" newspaper, there's also a nice "This is Your Life" option with a newspaper from every special date of the recipient's life, or a collection of front pages and articles from historical events, such as World War II or the sinking of the titanic.

personalized scrabble box frame

These personalized scrabble box frames are a cute way to communicate admirable qualities about the birthday boy or girl, or to create a combination of family names. Check them out here. Alternatively, these ones here let you include photos and a quote.

lego family box frames

If you're a family member of the birthday boy or girl, these custom Lego family box frames would make a cute gift. Alternatively, they'd work just as well to celebrate a group of friends or simply just the birthday boy or girl recreated in Lego. Check them out here.

Mother / daughter / grandparent / grandchild letter book

These treasured passages, a letter book between a mother and a daughter, includes 60 cards meant to be sent, shared, and treasured.

Mom acts as the "keeper of the book" and fills in some pages herself. She then uses the cards provided to spark additional commentary from her daughter. The cards include hundreds of personal prompts that encourage mother and daughter to share facets of their personality that family otherwise wouldn't see. Once the daughter completes her part of the card, she mails it back to her mother to be included in the book.

Think of it as a scrapbook with two authors that's rich with sentiment and a meaningful way to honor the mother / daughter bond. There's also a version available for grandparents and grandchildren. Check them out here.

long distance friendship lamps

These long distance friendship lamps connect you to those you love when you can't be there and would make a wonderfully sentimental 60th birthday gift. Each person sets up their lamp via WiFi, then whenever they want their loved one to know they're thinking of them, they simply touch their lamp and both light up—regardless of how far away they are. Loved ones can then respond by touching their lamp too. Check them out here.

personalized star map / constellation chart

These personalized star maps / constellation charts can be customized with a specific date and location for one or more people or events. For example, a double location star map could represent a mother and daughter's date and place of birth, a triple location could indicate key dates for couples such as date met, date engaged, date married, whereas a quadruple location could represent four different family members' birth dates. Check them out here.

message in a bag

These handmade leather purses and bags would make for a truly unique 60th birthday gift that's tailor made to include a personal message, favorite quote, or meaningful song lyric on the inside lining. Check out the full range here.

my family cookbook

Pass heirloom recipes on to the next generation with this customizable cookbook. Whether it's grandma's secret pasta sauce or the cakes mom used to make you as a child, the birthday boy or girl can work on filling in the pages with family or ask loved ones to contribute their favorite dish, ready to be passed down to their own children. Check it out here.

song lyric / poetry art

These artworks are often created for couples with their wedding date sitting atop of their wedding vows, a love letter, or the lyrics of the song used for their first dance. However, I think this could work equally well as a 60th birthday gift but using the person's date of birth laid over some meaningful song lyrics, a piece of poetry, or significant passage from their favorite book. Alternatively, write your own form of 'love' letter expressing what your relationship with the birthday boy or girl means to you. Check them out here.

personalized poem

What could be a more unique and thoughtful gift than to have a poet create a bespoke poem all about the birthday boy or girl? Simply fill in a questionnaire with details about the person and that information will be use to create a unique poem filled with details about their life. These can be presented as scrolls, framed, or combined with photographs. Check out all the options here.

how do I love thee from a-z

A great way to remind a loved one of all the reasons you love them, this fill-in book includes 26 prompts laid out in an old school typewriter font that will encourage you to speak from the heart and reflect upon memories made together. Check it out here.

a year of gratitude

This thoughtful gift is a great reminder of the importance of expressing gratitude. Whether it's the opportunity to reconnect with someone from your past, or to brighten the day of someone who feels taken for granted, this set of 52 thank you cards—one for each week of the year—reminds you to be conscious of, and appreciate, both the big and small things in life. The set also includes tips for writing more meaningful thank you notes and a guided journal to record things you're thankful for. Check it out here.

typography portraits

The great thing about these personalized text art portraits—created from a photo of the birthday boy or girl—is that you can also choose your own text to highlight all their notable qualities. Check them out here.

personalized word art

These word art collages are another way to celebrate the birthday boy or girl by placing more emphasis on the admirable qualities that define them. These can either be framed or reproduced on a pillow. Check then out here.

a life in pictures

These personalized photo prints are a great way to illustrate the recipient's journey up to their latest milestone birthday through photos. From baby or childhood photos of the birthday boy or girl, through graduation, or their wedding day, the photos can either spell out their name or age in words.

Another great way to use these is to create a family photo print, spelling out their surname and featuring photos of all the members of their family. Alternatively, you could create a family tree of photos with each letter containing a photo of a different generation of their family (as seen in the "Orton" examples below). Check out all the options here.

personalized reel viewer

This is fun and unique way to celebrate a milestone birthday with a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Chart the birthday boy or girl's life in pictures by creating a personalized reel filled with favorite memories and milestone events for them to pop in the retro viewer. Check it out here.

team family t shirts

These T shirts (below left) can be personalized with any team title, e.g. Daddy, Grandpa, or the family name, and up to 20 other names of team members so you can include kids, grandchildren, or any other family members. Check them out here. Alternatively, check out similar items (like the Team Rockwell and Tucker ones below right) here too.

Wishing Ball

This hand-blown glass ball by artist Jill Henrietta David comes with 52 slips of paper for the recipient to pause once a week throughout the year and record wishes, dreams, messages of hope, or thoughts of gratitude. These are then inserted into the wishing ball to become a permanent part of the display. Check it out here.

vintage city maps

These museum-quality reproductions of historic maps and lithographs dating back to the 1700's provide an incredible level of detail with all well-known and recognizable landmarks easily identifiable. Surprise the birthday boy or girl with a vintage map of their home town. Check them out here.


Fun & Gag Gifts

custom comic book

What a great gift for a 60th birthday; a personalized comic book! You can have the birthday boy or girl transformed into a superhero, star alongside their favorite character, or just be the star of their own story. If it's for a friend or partner, you can use it to tell the story of how you met—or any other story you want to tell. Check out the options here.

custom bobbleheads

These custom bobbleheads, made from a photo of the birthday boy / girl, are a fun gift for a 60th birthday. Check them out here.

custom plush dolls

As seen on Shark Tank, these 16" personalized plush dolls would make a fun milestone birthday gift. Check them out here.

mail a mini-me custom pinata

Surprise the birthday boy or girl on their 60th birthday by mailing them one of these 12" 'Mini Me' custom pinatas. Just upload a photo and they'll create a custom pinata in their likeness (or they can create them from photos of a favorite pet). Check them out here.

cartoon portraits

This artist can create custom cartoon caricatures in a number of different styles, including these fun Simpsons style ones. Check out all the different options here.


Another way to give an original gift is to buy them a unique experience—perhaps something you know they have expressed an interest in but have never actually done, such as race car driving or cage diving with great white sharks!

60th birthday gift experiences stunt car driving
Fly a Military Jet
60th birthday gift experiences take a ninja training class
Have a Unique Song Written & Recorded For You
60th birthday gift experiences create your own perfume
Rent a Harley Davidson
60th birthday gift experiences golf lesson with a pro
Create Your Own Signature Perfume

Some examples include:

  • have a unique song written & recorded for you
  • drive a nascar
  • experience stunt driving
Find These Activities & more here
  • TAKE a private DJ lesson
  • create your own signature perfume
  • TAKE a Ninja training class
  • learn to ride a rodeo bull
  • TAKE Improv comedy classes
  • rent a harley davidson
Find These Activities & more here

Not all activities are available in every city, but to check availability in your area, click on one of the links above. Between these two sites, you should be able to find something cool.

milestone birthday t-shirts

These 60th birthday T-shirts make great gifts, but as I've mentioned previously, avoid the corny ones that just poke fun at their age and pick ones that celebrate it. This site has the best range, but it's also worth browsing here too for some other cool designs.

for geeks and nerds

Check out this site for loads of really original 60th birthday gifts for geeks and nerds. There's everything from Han Solo in Carbonite mini beer fridges, Star Trek phaser TV remote controls that let you blast your TV to change channel, and cloth-bound box sets of A Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) books, to tech gadgets such as this retro mechanical wireless keyboard for tablets or computers. They have unusual products for all the big movie and tv shows, such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Marvel, DC Comics, Breaking Bad etc.

Han Solo Mini Fridge
Star Trek TV Remote
Game of Thrones Book Set
Retro Typewriter Wireless Keyboard

custom mini figures

Turn the birthday boy or girl into their own Lego-style mini figure with a 3D printed head created from photos of them. Check them out here.

gag gifts

For smaller or gag gifts, check out this site for lots of fun and unusual products.

Lady Macbeth's Guest Soup
Trump's Small Hand Soap
Star Trek Beam Me Up Mug
Trump's Executive Orders Sticky Notes


Gifts for Book Lovers

classic book flower bouquets

A perfect gift for book lovers, these paper flower bouquets made from the pages of classic books are fully customizable so you can send the birthday boy or girl a bouquet from their favorite book or sheet music. Much more personal than traditional flower bouquets. Check them out here.

book sculptures

These beautiful and incredibly unique works of art will make you look at books in an entirely new light and would make really special 60th birthday gift for a book lover. There are two differentartists that create these, check out the first one here and the second one here.

book art

This folded book art—which is fully customizable—is another great way to give a unique gift to book lovers. Check them out here.

literary candles

These candles, inspired by classic works of literature are just so clever! My favorite is the Green Light candle, inspired by The Great Gatsby, with it's smell of ocean air, musk, and earthy vanilla—you can just imagine standing at the harbor's edge staring longingly over the bay at the green light blinking on and off, day and night. 

There's also the Moonlit Moors, inspired by Wuthering Heights, Wild Huckleberries & Sage, inspired by The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Pemberley, inspired by Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Check out all the options here.

Green Light - The Great Gatsby
Moonlit Moors - Wuthering Heights
Huckleberries & Sage - Huckleberry Finn
Pemberley - Pride & Prejudice

literary scarves

Whether they love Shakespeare, Jane Austen, F.Scott Fitzgerald, or Edgar Allan Poe, there are lots of chic literary scarves to choose from that will allow them to get wrapped up in a classic story—literally. Check them out here.

literary tablet cases

This range of beautiful handmade covers for Kindles, ereaders, and tablets, inspired by classic Penguin paperbacks, is a cute gift for book lovers and they're fully customizable with your choice of book title, author, and interior message. Check them out here.

book lamp

This unique and stylish reading, desk, or night stand lamp in the style of a wooden book unfolds into an accordion and can be either laid flat in a half circle or completely open to form a sphere. Both sides can be engraved or full color printed to make this a really personal milestone birthday gift for book lovers. Check it out here.


Food & Drink gifts

molecular gastronomy kits

Go with your food! This do-it-yourself molecular gastronomy kit for beginners includes everything you need to create spectacular dishes such as mint caviar beads that burst in the mouth, chocolate spaghetti, lemon foam or tzatziki spheres! Check it out here.

They also have cocktail kits that fuses basic molecular gastronomy techniques with traditional mixology to take homemade cocktails to the next level with burst-in-your-mouth spheres and drinks topped with beautiful, airy foams. Add orange pearls to Champagne and upgrade a classic mimosa, deconstruct your mojito into floating mint caviar, or turn cosmopolitans into a sphere that will explode in your mouth—there are plenty of possibilities. Click the same link above for more info.

wine of the month club

Treat wine lovers to a Wine of the Month club subscription for their 60th birthday. You can choose from 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions and there are lots of different themes to choose from, such as the Rosé series, Pinot Noir series, Bordeaux series, Napa series, Vintners series, and the Limited series. Check out all the options here.

Cellar Series Collection
Limited Series Collection
Case Club Collection
Rosé Collection

wine country gift baskets

As an alternative to a monthly subscription, a fine wine gift basket is another great option for a milestone birthday gift. These are beautifully presented and you can choose by grape type, region, or vineyard—such as the Ferrari-Carano exclusive basket below right. Check out the full range here.

Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Collection
Silver Oak Cabernet Gift Basket
Finest Wine Collection Gift Basket
Ferrari-Carano Sonoma Exclusive Gift Basket

gift baskets

You can't really go wrong with a gift basket for a 30th birthday gift and this company has a great selection of less obvious baskets, such as the Godiva Chocolatier Collection, the Luxury Spa Basket, the Artisanal Cheese and Charcuterie Hamper, and the Champagne and Caviar hamper—plus lots more. Check them all out here.

Godiva Chocolate Collection
Godiva Chocolate Collection
Spa Basket
Spa Basket
Champagne & Caviar Basket
Champagne & Caviar Basket
Artisanal Cheese Hamper
Artisanal Cheese Hamper

gourmet food gift sets

If you're looking for a less traditional gift basket, these hand-curated gourmet food sets offer some truly unique options such as hot sauce, honey, BBQ sauce, and teas from around the world—all beautifully presented to make them feel even more special. Check out the full range here.

Tea Gift Set
Tea Gift Set
BBQ Sauce Gift Set
BBQ Sauce Gift Set
Honey Gift Set
Honey Gift Set
Hot Sauce Gift Set
Hot Sauce Gift Set

special & unusual wines

Another great gift idea for wine lovers is to invest in a special bottle of fine wine presented in a personalized box, such as this iconic Dom Perignon champagne engraved with a personal message in a Burlwood lacquered box, a suede-lined leather wine tote with a choice of 2 fine wines, or a premium wine presented in a personalized wine crate. Check them out here.

The same company also has some more unusual and quirky wine gifts, such as these fine wines and champagnes paired with rich Belgian chocolates where the bottle itself has been hand-dipped in gourmet chocolate to create a jacket that releases with a ribbon 'zipper'. A truly unique and unforgettable gift for wine lovers! Check it out here.

Chocolate Dipped Wine
Chocolate Dipped Wine
Leather Wine Tote Gift Set
Leather Wine Tote Gift Set
Engraved Dom Perignon
Engraved Dom Perignon
Personalized Wine Crate
Personalized Wine Crate

wine gifts, gadgets, & accessories

This site also has some great gifts for wine lovers. I particularly like the idea of a creating a personalized wooden wine crate with their name, year of birth, location, and 3 special occasions of your choice when they should open the wines (the example below shows text for 1st, 3rd, and 5th anniversaries for couples but you can choose your own text here). Alternatively, there's a less expensive, non-personalized, option for couples that's just as cute featuring 3 occasions to open a bottle on, such as "a quite night together", "a night of celebration", "the anniversary of your love". Check them both out here.

If these gift ideas don't appeal, I'd recommend having a browse of some of the other gifts on that site too as they have some interesting ones for wine lovers, such as the Corkcicle (below) that keeps wine perfectly chilled without diluting the flavor, or this fancy twist decanter with it's dramatic curves that aerates an entire bottle of wine twice; when you pour it in and again when you serve. Check out the full range of wine gifts here.

Personalized Wine Crate
Special Occasions Wine Set
Twist Aeration Decanter
Corkcicle Wine Cooler

fun and unusual wine gifts

If you're looking for some fun or unusual wine gifts, such out these beautiful wooden wine—and matching martini—glasses, or these innovative musical wine glasses that, when filled to different levels, can be played by running your finger around the lip, check out this site here.

Wooden Wine Glasses
Wooden Cocktail Glasses
Musical Wine Glasses
Musical Wine Glasses

fun and unusual wine gifts

Other unusual gifts for wine lovers include this chocolate and wine pairing set, Merlot infused coffee, wine jellies to pair with cheese (including Cabernet & Cracked Pepper and Rosemary Garlic Chablis), and wine-scented candles. Check them out here.

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Kit
Merlot Infused Coffee
Wine Jellies
Wine Scented Candles

gifts for whiskey lovers

For whiskey lovers there are also some great gifts available, such as personalized whiskey barrels, Bourbon-infused coffee, whiskey infusion kits, and this cool ice wedge that creates an ice slope inside the glass to chill with minimal dilution (plus it makes the drink look pretty cool!). Check them all out—and more—here.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel
Ice Wedge
Bourbon Infused Coffee
Whiskey Infusion Kit

gifts for beer lovers

Not to be left out, there are also plenty of fun and unusual gifts for beer lovers too, such as the Chillsner gadget for keeping beer cool, craft-brew inspired coffee, beer infused jellies to pair with cheese and meat, and beer infused BBQ sauces. Check them out here.

Chillsner Beer Cooler
Hopped Up Coffee
Beer Infused Jellies
Beer Infused BBQ Sauces

gifts For gourmet food lovers

There are also some unusual gifts for gourmet food lovers, such as flavored mustard samplers—which include black truffle, honey curry, and smokey BBQ, peanut butter samplers—including chocolate coconut, chocolate toffee, and snickerdoodle, artisanal salts—including chardonnay oak smoked, Hawaiian black lava, and Hickory smoked, and teas from around the world—including butterfly of Taiwan, Grand Himalaya, and Long Jing. Check out all the gourmet food gifts here.

Mustard Samplers
Teas From Around the World
Peanut Butter Samplers
Artisanal Salt Chest


Technology & Gadget Gifts

practical gadgets

This site has lots of useful practical gadgets, such as a clip-on personal safety device that when touched sends a silent distress signal and your GPS location to your chosen contacts, slip on heel safety lights for runners, coin sized trackers that you can attach to keys, wallets, pets etc to find misplaced items, or smart fingerprint activated padlocks—great for gym goers. Check out these and more gadgets here.

Personal Safety Device
Runners Safety Lights
Coin Sized Tracker Devices
Fingerprint Padlock

Gadgets for the home

There are also lots of great gadgets for the home that would make a great 60th birthday gift, such as this keyless smart lock that detects when you approach the door for keyless entry and can provide time-specific access to friends and relatives (it also works with your existing lock, making installation simple), a pocket sized portable projector to transform walls and ceilings into a 150 inch screen for binge-watching Netflix, You Tube or other video content, an app-controlled light switch adapter that simply clips over your existing light switches allowing you to control your lights without having to re-wire your home, or this gesture-controlled digital art frame that not only lets you show off your own photos but includes 30,000 historic paintings and works of art. Check out all the home gadgets here.

Keyless Smart Lock
Portable Projector
App-controlled Light Switch Adapter
Gesture-controlled digital art frame

Functional gadgets

These functional products are great for fixing problems, such as this battery operated handbag light that turns itself on when it senses your hand, this smart-app connected pill bottle that can flash, beep, or send reminders to your phone to take your medications and track doses, this telescopic portable seats that shrinks down small enough to fit in a purse or backpack, or this rapid drink chiller that turns any non-carbonated beverage ice cold in less than 60 seconds—whether it's wine, whiskey, coffee, or juice. Check out all the functional gadgets here.

Battery Operated Handbag Light
Smart-app connected Pill Bottle
Portable Telescopic Seat
Rapid Drinks Chiller


60th birthday party ideas

If you haven't already, don't forget to check out my other page of 60th Birthday Ideas (for women and men) for more tips and suggestions including party themes, countdown ideas, invitations, food & drink, decorations, gifts, and ways to include memories, surprises, and thoughtful ideas to make them feel special on the day.

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60th birthday gifts

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