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How to plan a successful birthday party

About This Site

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  • Hi, I'm Matt James, a professional event planner with 25 years experience
  • I've produced events for A-list celebrities, including:

    Elton John,
    Sarah Jessica Parker,
    Stella McCartney,
    Kevin Spacey...and more!
  • I've won 30 industry awards for my events
  • And I'm the author of Become an Event Planner: Secrets for Getting Hired by Employers, Recruiters, and Event Professionals

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    On this site, I'll share...

  • Professional Tips and Trade Secrets

    To teach you how to:

    a) avoid common mistakes; too much/too little food, room layouts that inhibit flow and stifle engagement, and a lack of things to do that’ll have people leaving early

    b) spend your budget wisely; on things that will make a big impression, avoid waste, and encourage guests to interact

    c) plan your party like a pro; paying attention to small details that will excite guests, ensure the atmosphere doesn’t fall flat, and guarantee they enjoy themselves

  • Creative and Original Ideas

    To help you:

    a) avoid tired, obvious, generic, or clichéd ideas that’ll leave people feeling you didn’t make much effort

    b) make your party as personal as possible so guests engage, connect, and share experiences that real and meaningful

    c) add clever twists, wow factors, and talking points so guests are never bored and leave discussing their favorite memorable moments

  • Styling & Presentation Advice

    To ensure you:

    a) avoid party supplies and decorations that can look cheap and tacky—so you won’t have to worry about friends and family judging you!

    b) impress your guests with a stylish-looking party that’ll have guests complimenting you on your design skills

    c) inspire guests with chic, tasteful, design flourishes and steal-worthy ideas that they’ll want to photograph and share

  • How To’s, Shortcuts, and Hacks

    So that you'll learn:

    a) the secrets professional party planners use to creating attention-grabbing party invitations that will inspire guests and guarantee a good turn out

    b) food presentation tricks used by professional caterers that will transform tired old buffets into modern food stations

    c) activities, displays, and interactive elements that allow guests to contribute so they feel included

  • Ideas You Can Actually Do!

    If you’re fed up trying to recreate all those immaculately-styled parties you see on Pinterest…

    And wondering why yours turned out more like a 3rd grade arts & crafts project destined for the ‘Nailed It!’ Pinterest board of shame…

    You need to remember…..they’re all decorated and styled by a team of professionals!

    The ideas on this site are shortcuts aimed at helping you achieve similar—more realistic— results; without needing the craft skills of Martha Stewart or the styling wizardry of an Instagram influencer.

  • Remember!

    Everyone has the same anxieties when throwing a party;

    • Will people come?
    • Will they get on?
    • Will they have fun?
    • Will I have enough space?
    • Will I mess up the food?
    • Will the whole thing fall flat?
    • And will I be ridiculed, ghosted, or tarred and feathered if it’s a disaster? (ok, maybe not that last one).

    But ultimately, parties are about connecting with friends and family, meeting new people, sharing experiences, discovering new things, creating memories, and—above all else—having fun.

    Which is what my tips will help you achieve.