The Star Wars birthday party ideas below were originally intended for a kid's theme party. However, a Star Wars party theme is popular with lots of adult too, so I've also included ideas for things like cocktail recipes and other party supplies so that you can easily put together a Star Wars birthday party for an adult if you want.

star wars logo



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star wars birthday party Invitations




Lightsaber Invitations

For a Star Wars birthday party theme think about sending out these 20" inflatable lightsabers (Click Supplier 1) as the invitation. You can pick these up for around $3 dollars each. Then attach these plastic VIP passes, which are also $2 each, with all the party details printed onto them. Kid's will love the idea of being given VIP passes to a Star Wars party!

These will make quite an impression if you hand them out already inflated (do it on the school run or you could mail them out in tubes like these). Plus, there's the added advantage that the kid's can bring them with the lightsabres to the party to take part in 'Jedi training' games.

 inflatable lightsaberstar wars VIP pass


For older children, you could use these more authentic light-up (left) or glow in the dark (right) lightsabers (both available from supplier 3). Just bear in mind they are longer, at 29" and 54", so will need larger tubes if mailing them out.

lightsaberglow in dark lightsaber












Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate Invitations

Another idea for a 3D Star Wars invitation would be to send out these Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bars along with the VIP passes mentioned above. You can pick up the mold here (select supplier 3) to make them yourself.

han solo carbonite moldhan solo carbonite chocolate

Alternatively, you can buy them here—either filled or plain—for just $3-$5 dollars each.

han solo carbonite candystar wars han solo carbonite chocolate














Homemade Lightsaber Invitations

If you prefer to make your own, try these paper lightsaber invitations (below, by Jami at The Blackberry Vine).

    star wars birthday party invitations


Personalized star wars invitations

There are many different personalized Star Wars party invtiations available, such as the ones below. Check out my other page dedicated to Star Wars Birthday Party Invitations to view more and where to buy.

personalized star wars birthday invitationscustom star wars birthday invitations







personalized star wars birthday invitationspersonalized star wars birthday invitationspersonalized star wars birthday invitations



Invitation Wording

If you are making your own, don't forget to incorporate lots of phrases from the film into your Star Wars birthday party invitations, such as:

  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

  • There was a strong disturbance in the force...

  • The Jedi Council request that all young Padawans attend...

  • To celebrate Padawan (name), the chosen one's birthday

  • Use the force to reply (or for non-Jedis call....[insert telephone number])

  • Bring your lightsabers to complete your Jedi training

  • May the force be with you


Alternatively, convert all your wording using this free Yoda-Speak Generator.




Star Wars postage Stamps

To really customize your Star Wars birthday invitations, you can create your own personalized postage stamps.

personalized postage stampspersonalized postage stamps






Just upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl dressed as their favorite character (select supplier 1 or 3 for cheapest costumes) and the personalized stamps will be shipped to you.

star wars costumes star wars kids costumes star wars girls costumes





star wars Drinks ideas




Below are some Star Wars birthday party theme drinks that are perfect for kid's.

star wars birthday party blue bantha milkbantha milk

Die hard Star Wars fans will instantly recognise Blue Bantha Milk (which Luke drinks with his aunt and uncle in Episode IV: A New Hope).

Make it with this recipe by by Amelia Hill on about.com.



star wars birthday party yoda sodayoda soda

Check out this cute recipe for Yoda Soda (right, by Highlander and Islander from Hi Cookery) which uses lime sherbet and Sprite to create a frothy green drink.




star wars birthday party yodadagobah swamp juice

Alternatively, serve Yoda's Dagobah Swamp Juice by renaming this recipe from Disney Family Fun.

(It was meant to be a Halloween themed recipe but works just as well for Star Wars birthday party ideas).




Darth Vader Juice

Make a black punch such as this one (below left, by Kathleen at allrecipes.com) and call it Darth Vader juice.

Float Darth Vader ice cubes (click supplier 3) in the drinks for extra presentation (below right).

star wars birthday party darth vadardarth vader ice cube tray



Mustafar Lava juice

Use this recipe for Sparkling Strawberry-Lemonade Slush (below left, from Betty Crocker) as Lava Juice from the planet of Mustafar (where the climactic battle between Anakin and Obi Wan took place in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith).

Kids love anything that glows, so serve these drinks in red glow cups (click supplier 6 or 7) to extra presentation.

star wars birthday party lavared glow cups











Star Wars Ice Cubes

Make your party drinks a bit more special with these Star Wars ice cube trays (click supplier 3). There are several designs available such as Han Solo frozen in carbonite, R2D2 Darth Vader, The Millennium Falcon and X Wing Fighters.

star wars ice cube traystar wars ice cube mold

millenium falcon ice cube traystar wars ice cube tray












star wars Cocktails

For Star Wars birthday party ideas for adults, try these cocktail recipes:


star wars birthday party yoda-ritayoda-rita

I stumbled across this Yoda-rita (right, by Alicia Policia) and just had to include it.

She simply made Margaritas and put them into clear plastic cups with lime wedges for ears, then drew Yoda faces on the cups with a Sharpie. Genius!



superhero party black martinivader-tini

Blavod black vodka is perfect for creating a Darth Vader-themed Black Martini (right, by Colleen Graham at about.com).

If you can't get hold of Blavod just serve Black Russians (vodka, Cola and coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua).



star wars birthday party blue bantha milkBantha Milk (Alcoholic)

Here's a great recipe for an alcoholic version of Blue Bantha Milk (right, by Jessie of Castles and Cooks), adapted from a classic White Russian cocktail of vodka, Kahlua, and cream.








star wars party Food




Below are some of the best recipes I've stumbled across to go with these Star Wars birthday party ideas.

  • Get creative with toppings to make Star Wars party theme pizzas like this Darth Vader one made with olives and mushrooms, and a Yoda one with olives, green peppers, broccoli, feta cheese, cauliflower, and mushrooms, (both by Rama Hughes via Flickr).

star wars birthday party darth vader pizzastar wars birthday party yoda pizza


  • I love this Bento box with noodles shaped like Chewbacca (below left, origin unknown). Or if you've got more patience you could try making these Totooine or Stormtrooper ones (below center and right, by Vingtdeux via Flickr).

star wars birthday party chewbacca bento boxstar wars birthday party stormtrooper bento boxstar wars birthday party jawa bento box


star wars birthday party yoda sherbetstar wars birthday party chewbacca cupcakes










  • death star cake popsCover cake pops with grey frosting and label them Death Star cake pops (don't forget to make a little indent in the frosting to look like the real thing). Cake pops can be a bit of a hassle to make. You have to bake the cake, crumble it, then mix frosting into the crumbs, roll into balls, then freeze a little to harden...and all that's before you start to decorate them. For a quicker option, use one of these Cake Pop Makers (click supplier 3) to make simple cake balls in approx 5 mins, then just cover in frosting. It's great value at around $18 / £20. Alternatively, pick up one of these Cake Pop Baking Pans (click supplier 3).

cake pop maker cake pop baking pan


  • If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, check out these Star Wars cake pops (below left, by Bakerella and below right by Sweet Thingz) for ideas on how to decorate them like some of the characters.

star wars cake pops star wars cake pops


  • Make your own Sarlac Pit Dip (from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) by creating a well in a wide bowl of hummus. Then add some teeth using tortilla chips and one or two gummi worms as tentacles. Serve alongside some veggies to dip. If you have any Star Wars action figures place one on the edge of the bowl with one of the gummi tentacles wrapped around it's leg as if pulling it into the pit.

  • Similarly you could make a Dagobah Dip (from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back) using guacamole. Place spinach, broccoli, and Pretzel sticks around the edge of the bowl to look like the swamp. If you have a toy X-Wing fighter dip it into the center of the bowl as if it's crashed, or place a small Yoda figure on the edge of the bowl.

  • Make these Chewbacca Gingerbread Men (below left, by Karla at Vegancraftastic) by pressing some dough through a garlic press to make the hair. Or make these Chewie Wookie Cookies (below right by Jill at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons).

star wars birthday party chewbacca gingerbread manstar wars birthday party wookie cookies











star wars cookie cuttersstar wars pancake molds


star wars cookie cuttersstar wars birthday party darth vader cookies


  • Make 'Lightsaber' fruit kebabs, or dip Pretzel sticks into different colored icing to make mini lightsabers.
  • Alternatively, make Lightsaber ice pops with these molds (click supplier 3). The hilt even lights up the 'blade'.

lightsaber ice pops mold star wars ice pops moldstar wars ice pops

star wars birthday party chewbacca chews


  • Use the Darth Vader ice cube molds (click supplier 3) to make jello jigglers. You can make black jello by mixing 3 parts Black Cherry Jello with 1 Part Orange Jello. Alternatively, you can fill the molds with chocolate to make Chocolate Darth Vaders (these also work well as cupcake toppers).

darth vader moldschocolate darth vader


  • While I was researching recipes for a Star Wars birthday party I came across some amazing recipes on the Official Star Wars Blog created by Just Jenn Recipes. She has dreamed up some of the most creative Star Wars food I've ever come across, and I just had to share some of my favorites with you (check out her blog for others):

star wars birthday party princess leia cupcakesstar wars birthday party yoda cookies










star wars birthday party han solo carbonitestar wars birthday party ewok food


  • Jill from Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons also has a great collection of really creative recipes for a Star Wars birthday party theme. This Yoda Apple Face (below left) would be great as individual party snacks, or you can scale it up and do something similar with a Watermelon (below right) to go on a dessert / buffet table.

star wars yoda snackstar wars yoda recipe










  • I also love this simple dinner she made (below left) with a Chewbacca hot dog and bun, a mashed potato Stormtrooper and a Yoda salad. The Chewbacca hotdogs would make great party food. She also has a cool Mexican take on this (below right) with a tortilla Stormtrooper, shredded lettuce Yoda and a Chewbecca of refried beans.

star wars party foodstar wars food


  • These C3PO cookies are a lot simpler to make than they look, they're basically just Oreos dipped into yellow candy melts. Likewise, this Darth Vader cheese ball is just covered with blue chips and black olives to make the features.

star wars cookiesstar wars party food


  • For a healthy option make this Yoda face from grapes, or have a bit of fun with these Jawa jello jigglers (which is just strawberry and lime jello mixed to make it brown, then cut out using this cookie cutter). See here for both recipes.

yoda foodstar wars food









  • Finally, check out this Edible Garbage Masher (from Episode IV: A New Hope) she created. Such a great idea and again, such a simple one.

star wars birthday party garbage masher


  • If you're not quite as artistic in the kitchen and just want to make some simple cupcakes, use these Star Wars stencils (click supplier 3) to add some decoration. Just hold one of the stencils over a frosted cupcake and sprinkle with cinnamon, cocoa, or confectioner's (icing) sugar to create the shapes. Alternatively fill these Han Solo in Carbonite Molds (click supplier 3) with chocolate and use as cupcake toppers.

star wars cupcake stencil han solo in carbonite ice tray










star wars lightsaber cake picksclone wars cupcake ringsstar wars cake toppers


star wars pez


  • Finally, if your Star Wars birthday party is for adults it just won't be complete without these Princess Leia Danish Do's (above right, by Highlander and Islander at Hi Cookery). See how long it takes before one of your guests holds them up to the side of their head.

star wars birthday party princess leia danish














  • For more Star Wars birthday party recipes, check out these two Star Wars Cookbooks (click supplier 3).

star wars cookbook star wars recipes














star wars Birthday Cake

  • If you want to make your own cake, you can get this fantastic Darth Vader Baking Pan (click supplier 1). Just add the cake mix, bake, then decorate with some black colored frosting.

darth vader baking pan


  • If you're no expert cake decorator you can pick up one of these edible images for your Star Wars birthday party which you can just place on top of your birthday cake. Alternatively, use these Cake Toppers (click supplier 3 for both).

star wars edible imagestar wars cake topperstar wars darth vader candle


  • Another quick and easy option is to use this large plastic Darth Vader Cake Poptop (click supplier 3) which at approx 10" tall x 8" wide you can just place on top of a cake.

darth vader cake decoration


star wars cake decorationsstar wars edible cake image


clone wars cake topperclone wars edible cake image








Food & Drink styling




Buffet / Dessert Table

With six films to take inspiration from there are lots of different ways to dress a buffet / dessert table for a Star Wars birthday party. To decorate a dessert table like this one, follow the steps below.

star wars dessert table


space scene setterblack tablecover


  • Then use a mixture of square and rectangular black, white or clear plates and bowls to present food on. If you don't already own these, I recommend these Premium Plastic Plates (click supplier 1), they're really good value and look much nicer than paper plates.

plastic tablewareplastic party platesplastic plates


  • To make a Star Wars logo to dress the front of the table, download this free font (just download, unzip the folder, then drag the font files into the font folder on your computer). Then print onto card stock using your home printer. If you want to make it larger, you could print each letter individually (with the exception of the 'ST' of Star and the 'RS' of Wars which are joined) then mount them onto a larger piece of card. Alternatively, you could save this hi resolution Star Wars logo, stretch it to enlarge, then print off.

star wars font


  • Use these Star Wars cardboard stand ups (click supplier 1) to dress the table—there are lots of different characters available. I've used the smaller Yoda stand up as a centerpiece, with two others either side. Don't worry if your budget wont allow for that many, you can still make an impressive display with just one or two. The great thing about these stand ups is that you can also use them to create great photo ops—let the guests have their picture taken in a lightsaber dual with Darth Maul or Obi Wan.

star wars cut outsstar wars stand upsdarth maul stand up












star wars banner

star wars party banner

star wars personalized banner


star wars banner

lego star wars banner


  • Make a paper mache death star (see the Decorations section on page 2 of these Star Wars birthday party ideas for more info) and hang this as part of the scene.

star wars party ideas paper mache deathstar


  • Finally, make some of these Star Wars ships out of card stock using the color templates which are free to download (see the Decorations section on page 2 for more info) and hang these from the ceiling to complete the scene.

star wars party ideas millenium falconstar wars party ideas star destroyer










  • If you don't want to make the models, you could embellish the stars and space background with some of these Star Wars decals (click supplier 1). These are reusable so you can reapply them to your child's bedroom afterwards.

star wars decals



Alternative Backdrops

  • There are a number of larger Star Wars wall decals (click supplier 3) available which you could use to create a backdrop for a dessert table. Although these sit flat against the wall so you don't get the nice 3D effect achieved with a stand up. That said, they do work out cheaper so if you're on a budget these might work better. Plus you can easily peel and re-stick them, so you can use them to decorate your child's bedroom after the party.

darth vader wall decalstar wars wall stickersstar wars wall decals


  • Alternatively, there are also various Star Wars fabrics (USA only) available by the yard which you can use to create a backdrop.

star wars fabricstar wars fabricsstar wars fabric


star wars fabric panel




Alternative Centerpieces

  • If your budget wont stretch to buying the stand ups, you can create a centerpiece using an 'all over' style mask of your child's favorite character. Just raise it up on a box covered with fabric or a cake stand.

darth maul mask clone trooper maskyoda maskdarth vader mask







darth vader maskstar wars masksstar wars masksstyrofoam head


  • Complete the centerpiece by arranging 2 lightsabers (click supplier 7) in an X shape above the mask.



  • If you're using a Darth Vader stand up or mask as part of your dessert table decorations don't forget to pick up a Darth Vader Breathing Device (click supplier 1) to hide behind the centerpiece to really bring the display to life (just place a rubber band over the on button for a continuous sound effect). Combine this with Darth Vader's theme (click supplier 3) from the Star Wars soundtrack by leaving this track playing on repeat next to the buffet table.

darth vader breathing devicestar wars soundtrack











  • Later in the Costumes section of these Star Wars birthday party ideas, I suggest getting a parent to make an appearance dressed as Darth Vader after the kids have eaten to do battle with the kids as part of their Jedi training. If you decide to go with this option you can save money by using the mask, cape and lightsaber from the adult costume as the buffet / dessert table centerpiece. The adult Darth Vader costume doesn't work out too much more expensive than buying the individual components for the buffet table, and it means you can create a larger centerpiece because you can stuff the top half of the costume and position it on the table from the waist up (rather than only having the helmet raised up on a box). See illustration below.

star wars dessert table


  • One final option for a Darth Vader centerpiece is to use this pinata (click supplier 1). You can use it as a centerpiece on the dessert table during the first half of the party, then use it as a pinata during the party games.

darth vader pinata




Food Presentation

Other table-styling tips you could include in your Star Wars birthday party, are:

star wars stickersstar wars stickers















  • You could also split the table down the middle with the dark side on one side and the light side on the other. Put all the sweet / indulgent foods on the dark side and use food labels with stickers of characters like Darth Vader and Clonetroopers on. On the other side arrange all the healthy dishes with stickers of Jedi characters such as Yoda and Anakin.

darth vader treat pails

  • Check out these watermelon Death Stars (below left by Silverisdead via Flickr, and below right by Joe Stump via Flickr) which you could use to decorate the buffet / dessert table.

star wars birthday party deathstar watermelonstar wars birthday party watermelon death star









Table Styling

See page 2 of these Star Wars birthday party ideas for table styling tips, such as how to create tablescapes to represent Endor, Tatooine, Dagobah and Hoth (below left).

star wars party ideas hothstar wars party plates






See page 2 of these Star Wars birthday party ideas for more decorations such as Star Wars posters and how to make a paper mache Death Star or paper Star Wars ships.

darth vader posterstar wars postersstar wars party ideas paper mache deathstar





Party Games and Activities

See my separate Star Wars Party Games page for a list of Star Wars games and activities.

star wars coloring puzzlestar wars birthday party games lightsaber training












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