Teen Party Ideas A-Z

Below is an A-Z list of Teen Party Ideas covering all the main teenage groups from early teens, through sweet sixteen, to eighteenth birthday parties.

If you're looking for birthday party ideas for pre-teens, see All Kids Parties A-Z page.

As they hit their teens, parties and other social gatherings become more common, so it's important to make a bit more of an effort with birthday parties—so they don't come across as too 'every day'.

teen party ideas tailgate partyTeens can seem hard to please sometimes, so you definitely want to get the birthday boy or girl involved right from the beginning—otherwise whatever you choose will likely be wrong. Trends come and go very quickly for teens and things you thought they were into can easily fall out of fashion and stop being cool before you know it.

Teenagers are also pretty self-conscious and if they're inviting friends from school it will be pretty important for them to make sure their party isn't seen as dumb or uncool. And of course, remember that what you might think is a great idea, a teenager may well think is too childish or old fashioned for them. For a teenager, a birthday party is an opportunity for them to express their own personality—so make sure they are involved every step of the way.

A couple of general tips, regardless of how old the teenager is:

  • Firstly, decide whether you're going to host a party at home or at a venue. Most of the party ideas in the categories below have been designed for parties at home but all of them include ideas for invitations, party food and drink, and party decorations that can easily be applied to a venue outside of the home too.

  • Secondly, be clear on the number of guests with them right from the start—a teenager might think nothing of inviting 50 or more people to their birthday party.

  • Lastly, remember that teen parties rarely go exactly as planned—but you'll find that really doesn't matter to the most of them—so just keep a loose grip on things and don't stress it too much.





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If you don't find anything you like from the teen party ideas above, it might be worth having a quick browse of the Adult Party Themes as sometimes these can be adapted to make them into suitable party theme for a teen.

For example a Karaoke party for adults could be turned into a Glee themed party for younger teens. It just depends on how you choose to interpret it.












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