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Sesame Street birthday Party Ideas

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If this is the first page you've landed on, let me give you a quick introduction. I'm Matt James, a professional party planner, and the purpose of this site is to show you the most creative way you can use regular, shop-bought party supplies that can be found in most stores. Not everyone has the craft skills of Martha Stewart or the time to spend several days with a glue gun making things from scratch. It's fine to use shop-bought decorations and supplies—as long as you choose them carefully and know the best way to put them all together. So I'll share a few simple tips and trade secrets that anyone can use to add some creative touches to your party—whatever your budget.

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sesame street birthday party Ideas

Below are my Sesame Street birthday party ideas with lots of suggestions for a Sesame Street party theme including party decorations, invitations, food and drink, and Sesame Street party games.

Elmo Party Ideas

These Sesame Street party theme ideas are inspired by the main characters such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, and The Count. However, I have a separate page devoted to Elmo birthday party ideas, so be sure to read this page too so you can incorporate some Elmo themed ideas into your Sesame Street birthday party.

sesamestreet party ideas

Sesame Street party Invitations

Below are some suggestions for invitations to go with these Sesame Street birthday party ideas:

Matt's Tip

I think it’s important to create a big first impression, so I always try to incorporate some sort of object with the invitations—rather than just relying on a traditional printed card (see examples here). This is a little trick that’s often used by professional party planners to make invitations stand out. People just love to receive unusual invitations. It really captures their imagination and gets them excited about the party.

matt james

3d Sesame Street Party Invitations

Edible party invitations always grab people's attention and you can pick up these cookies or lollipops from supplier 4 for a couple of dollars each to use them as the invitations for your Sesame Street birthday party.

sesame street cookies
sesame street lollipops

Wrap each cookie in a cellophane bag tied up with ribbon and send them out in these cute box mailers (below right) along with these VIP 'All Access' pass style Sesame Street invitations or these printable ones, both from supplier 4.

sesame street VIP pass invitation
sesame street birthday party invitations
box mailers

Shaped Sesame Street Party Invitations

I particularly like these die cut style invitations from supplier 4 which would be good for a Sesame Street birthday party or baby shower. Each character looks cute poking out of the little envelopes, which come with a seal sticker relevant to each character, ie a cookie for Cookie Monster or Dorothy's Goldfish bowl for Elmo.

sesame street birthday party invitations
cookie monster party invitation
sesame street oscar invitation
sesame street envelopes

Traditional Sesame Street party Invitations

Alternatively, supplier 4 also has lots of other personalized Sesame Street birthday party invitationsto choose from.

sesame street birthday party Invitation
sesame street cookie monster party Invitation
sesame street party Invitation abby caddaby
sesame street party Invitation oscar

I particularly like invitation in the shape of the Sesame Street sign, but they also have plenty of others where you can include a photo of the birthday boy or girl.

sesame street photo invitations
sesame street party invitations
sesame street sign invitations

sesame street Invitation Wording

If you're making your own Sesame Street birthday party invitations, here are some ideas for the wording:

  • Use the heading 'Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?'
  • Spell out your child's name and give examples of other things related to the party that begin with each letter. For example:
    R is for Rosita's Spanish Word of the Day
    E is for Elmo's pepperoni pizza
    B is for Big Bird's bird seed milkshake
    E is for Ernie's rubber ducky ice cream
    C is for Cookie decorating with Cookie Monster
    C is for Counting with The Count
    A is for Alphabet Spaghetti
    All of which are waiting for you at Rebecca's Sesame Street birthday party!

  • Have The Count announce how old your child will be:
    'One: One Year'
    'Two: Two Years'
    'Three: Three Years Old. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha'

  • Write: 'The party will be brought to you by the letter (insert first letter of child's name) and the number (insert child's age)'.

  • Mention characters from the show ex, 'Join Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie, and The Count...."

Sesame Street Stamps

If you want to add some extra embellishment to your Sesame Street birthday party invitations to make them even more special, use themed postage stamps such as the ones below (more designs available).

Note: These are only available in the USA

sesame street postage stamps
sesame street postage stamps
sesame street postage stamps
personalized postage stamps
personalized postage stamps

Just upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl dressed in a costume (select supplier 1 and 8 for best range) and the personalized stamps will be shipped to you (USA only).

baby toddler sesame street costume cookie monster
kids sesame street costume big bird
kids sesame street costume the count
kids sesame street costume elmo

Sesame Street Party Drinks

Matt's Tip

Always create a signature drink for your party—it’s one of the easiest things you can do to make your party unique. If your party has a theme, think about what flavors you can use in your signature drink that will convey it. Don’t forget about styling and presentation too. You could serve drinks in individual bottles or jars, add your own labels, use themed ice cubes, straws, drinks picks, or add a simple garnish. A sprig of berries or a single flower head on the rim of a glass can make a simple cocktail look really stylish.

matt james

Ernie's Rubber Ducky Punch

This recipe for Ducky Bath Punch (below left, by Cheryl at The Tidy Mom) was originally created for a baby shower, but I think it's perfect to be re-named as Ernie's Rubber Ducky Punch for a Sesame Street birthday party. You can pick up mini sized rubber ducks from supplier 5, they have every type of themed rubber duck you can think of from baby boy ducks (below) and St Patrick's ducks, to Zombie and Rock Star ducks.

rubber ducky punch
baby boy rubber ducks

Cookie Monster Milkshake

This Mini Cookie Milkshake (from We Are Not Martha) would make a perfect Cookie Monster themed party drink. Serve them in milk bottles as shown in the picture below by Sweetly Chic via Evite, you can pick them up here.

There's also this cute Cookie Monster cocktail, which can also be made non-alcoholic for kids.

mini cookie milkshake
milk bottles and cookies
cookie monster cocktail

Oscar's Trash Can Punch

Make this Wormy Swamp Punch (right, from Land O Lakes) but freeze the worms into the OJ ice cubes so they float on top like bits of trash. Use fish bone ice cube molds too and bits of fruit—anything that might add to the trash can look.

Sit your punch bowl raised up on a cake stand, then create a façade by wrapping them both in some thick card arranged in a cylindrical shape. Cover the card with tin foil to look like Oscar's trash can, and scrunch up some balls of news paper around it. Serve the punch in silver cups from supplier 1 to resemble mini trash cans. Note: I would have suggested using small metal pails as trash cans, but note that most of these are not food safe, and the ones that are tend to be too big to use as cups.

swamp punch
sesame street oscar
silver party cups

Big Bird's Bird Seed Milkshakes

Everyone knows Big Bird loves his bird seed milkshakes, but how do you make one that's actually edible? I came across a posting from 'Bear' on the Muppet Central fan site who's come up with a simple recipe. He used shelled sunflower and pumpkin seeds in a blender with some milk, a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream, and some cinnamon.

Big Bird Punch

Make this Yellow Pineapple Punch, from Tree Top, and call it Big Bird Punch. Serve them in these Sesame Street party cups (or sippers for younger kids) from supplier 4. Alternatively, serve it in a punch bowl and then follow the steps below to turn the bowl into big bird's face:

For the base: Cut the top, bottom and sides off a pineapple so you're left with a large block of pineapple that will stand up in your punch bowl.

For the eyes: Stick two skewers into the top of the pineapple, so the top of the skewers stand an inch or so below the rim of your punch bowl. Then add a slice of apple (dipped in lemon juice to stop it browning) to the top of each skewer with a black grape in the middle of each. Cut 2 semi circles of orange fruit leather (or orange peel) and put these on top of the apple slice as eyelids.

For the beak: Peel a banana and cut a bit off one end to create a flat base. Cover in a little lemon juice. Then, using a skewer fix the banana into the pineapple base so that the top of the banana is more or less the same height as the apple eyes. Repeat with another banana for the bottom part of the beak. You can also line the inside of each banana with some red fruit leather to create the inside of his mouth.

For the face: Then fill the bowl with the pineapple punch (covering the pineapple base) up to the bottom of the apple eyes / banana beak, and wrap a couple of yellow feather boas around the bowl to create Bird Bird's feathers.

pineapple punch
sesame street party cups
sesame street sippers

Sesame Street Juice Boxes / Smoothies

For a quick fix, you can pick up these Sesame Street organic juice boxes and smoothie packs from supplier 3.

sesame street juice boxes
sesame street smoothies

Sesame Street water labels

Give regular water bottles a Sesame Street makeover with these printable labels from supplier 4.

sesame street water labels
sesame street bottlelabels

Drinks Styling

Style your drinks with these Sesame Street ice cube molds from supplier 3, which you can also use to create chocolate or jello treats in the shape of Elmo or Cookie Monster's face. Supplier 4 also has lots of cute Sesame Street straws and printable straw flags.

sesame street ice cube mold
sesame street ice cube mold
sesame street straws

I particularly like these ones with the faces of all the characters. They'd look great for drinks served in glass milk bottles.

sesame street straws
sesame street straws

Sesame Street party Food

Below are some food suggestions to go with these Sesame Street party ideas.


As a professional party planner, I’m lucky enough to be able to collaborate with some amazing chefs to create menus for my events. As I’m no chef myself and cannot create dishesfrom scratch, I’ve searched the web for recipes that I think would work well for this party theme. All credit goes to the talented people that have created these recipes - so please click through to their site for full details, methods, and in some cases step-by-step tutorials.

matt james

Sesame Street Fruit Platters

Check out these amazing Sesame Street faces made from fruit and vegetables (below left, by Lauren J at Catch My Party and below right, from The Produce Mum) - it's such a great idea and a good way to add some healthy options to the menu. All the eyes are made from small cups of vegetable dip or vanilla pudding mix with whipped cream for the fruit ones.

sesame street fruit platters
sesame street fruit platters

There are also these great vegetable and cheese versions from A Kailo Chic Life for inspiration. I love the Big Bird cheese and crackers, so clever.

sesame street vegetable platters
sesame street vegetable platters
sesame street cheese platters

Oscar's Trash Can Pudding Cups

These Dirt Pudding Cups from Mel's Kitchen could be used to create Oscar's Trash Can Pudding Cups. Serve them in silver cups from supplier 3 to resemble the trash can, then top each one with one of these Oscar cake pops (below right), a fondant Oscar cupcake topper, or just a regular Oscar cupcake topper all available from supplier 4.

dirt pudding cups
silver party cups
sesame street oscar cake pops

Elmo / Ernie Jello Cups

These Elmo Jello Cups from Catch My Party are a quick and easy dessert. Just cut out the faces from cardstock and stick onto plastic cups. Alternatively, this version of Ernie's Rubber Ducky Punch from 11 Cupcakes (which is actually blue Gatorade and marshmallows) got me thinking that you could also make this with blue jello and serve it as a pudding cup instead of a drink. See supplier 5 for the mini sized ducks.

elmo jello cups
ernie's rubber ducky jello cups

Dorothy's Fish Sticks / Big Bird's Worms

11 Cupcakes also has some other cute Sesame Street birthday party food ideas, such as Dorothy's Fish Sticks and Big Bird's (pasta) worms.

dorothy's fish sticks
big bird's worms

Big Bird Eggs / Nests

Sticking with Big Bird, check out these Big Bird Devilled Eggs from My Gr8 Life, or these Bird's Nest Cookies from Art of Dessert.

big bird devilled eggs
big bird's bird's nest cookies

Abby's Wands / Elmo's Goldfish

These chocolate covered Pretzels with pink and purple sprinkles make great Abby Caddaby wands (below left, from Melly Moments) or for more substantial wands, check out these, below center, from Writing Out Story. I also like the way Melly has presented goldfish crackers as Elmo's Goldfish—such a simple renaming idea.

abby cadabby wands
abby cadabby wands
elmo's goldfish crackers

Brought to you by the letter....

A Sesame Street birthday party wouldn't be complete without some letters, so include some alphabet spaghetti or alphabet chicken nuggets, or use alphabet cookie cutters from supplier 3 to shape sandwiches, pizza, fruit slices, jello, or cheese into bite-sized portions. You can also use them to create personalized fruit kabobs.

alphabet letter cookie cutters
alphabet letter cookie cutters
personalized fruit kabobs

and the number...

Similarly, use some number cookie cutters to shape food items too. Here's a great example of using the cookie cutters on cheese slices from Libby's Little Addiction. Alternatively, you could just pick up some number shaped cookies and call them The Count's Numbers, like this example also from 11 Cupcakes.

numer cookie cutters
cheese letters and numbers
the count's number cookies

Sesame Street Crackers

For a quick fix you can pick up these organic Sesame Street cheddar crackers shaped like Elmo and Big Bird's faces to serve with these cheese letters, or there are also these Letter of the Day vanilla cookies and honey sticks. All from supplier 3.

sesame street crackers
sesame street cookies
sesame street crackers

Bert and Ernie snacks

I came accross this picture of Bert (below left, from Mom's Crazy Kitchen) made for a bento box. I'm not sure what she used to make this but it got me thinking that it would be fairly easy to make something similar out of cheese (which could then be served on crackers). Use Nori to create the hair and eyebrows (or carve from the skin of a cucumber to make it more kid friendly), mozerella and black olives (or black grapes) for the eyes, and some pepperoni for his (open) mouth. Or for something healthier make Bert and Ernie out of fruit (below right, by Jill at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons):

sesame street bento box
sesame street bert and ernie fruit

Elmo Pizza

Everyone knows Elmo's favourite food is pizza, so make up some individual Elmo face pizzas, like this one (below left, by Renee Waters Photography on Flickr) using vegetables to create the features. Or check out these mini ones by Sarena Wellman with eyes and nose cut from cheese and black beans for the pupils. 

elmo pizza
elmo pizza

More Elmo Ideas

Don't forget to check out my seperate page devoted to Elmo birthday party ideas, so you can incorporate some Elmo ideas into your Sesame Street birthday party.

elmo sandwiches
elmo spaghetti
rubber ducky ice cream

Oscar Sandwiches / Salad

This Oscar the Grouch bento lunch (below left, by Lise at Veggie Bento) is really cute and you can easily adapt these to make simple open sandwiches. She used the Elmo cookie cutter from supplier 3 to cut out a bread base then topped it with mashed avacodo. You can make eyes by cutting out small circles of mozerella then adding black olives as the pupils. Or just use the cookie cutter to shape regular sandwiches. I also came accross this great Oscar lunch box salad from Family Fresh Meals, which is a great way to get kids to eat some greens.

oscar sandwich
sesame street cookie cutter
oscar salad

Bird Big Mac & Cheese

I love this Sesame Street bento box (below left by Texas Mom of 4), particularly the way she created a Big Bird Mac & Cheese. You could serve these as individual portions in pastry cups. Ive also included a couple of others for inspiration, below center by Mommy Kiki Can and below right by More Than I Can Chew.

big bird mac and cheese
big bird mac and cheese
big bird mac and cheese

C is for Cookie

This No Churn Cookie Monster Ice Cream from Simply Thrifty is really cool, but could look even better presented as Individual Cookie Monster Ice Cream Cones like these from Hungry Happenings. Or try making either these Cookie Monster Cookies (below right, by Katrina of In Katrina's Kitchen)

cookie monster ice cream
cookie monster ice cream cones
cookie monster cookies

Sesame Street Cookies

Supplier 4 has lots of great Sesame Street cookie cutters based on some of the characters. Alternatively, if you're not one for baking, they also have plenty of baked to order cookies, such as the ones below (although many more designs available).

sesame street cookie cutter
sesame street cookies

Sesame Street Oreos / Rice Krispies

These Sesame Street Rice Krispie Treats from Two Sisters Crafting are easy enough to make. Alternatively, you can buy Sesame Street Oreos, such as these Big Bird Oreos (other characters availale), from supplier 4.

Sesame Street rice krispie treats
sesame street big bird oreos

Sesame Street Cake Pops

Follow this tutorial to makle Sesame Street cake pops (below left, by Bakerella), or you can just buy something similar from supplier 4 (other characters available).

sesame street cake pops
buy sesame street cake pops

Sesame Street cupcakes

To make other Sesame Street cupcakes such as Big Bird, Oscar, or Elmo you can pipe the frosting (like these below left, by Charmaine at Charmaine's Pastry Blog). You can then buy these cupcake topper kits from supplier 4 which provide the fondant facial features for you to add to your own cupcakes.

sesame street cupcakes
sesame street cupcakes
sesame street cupcake topper kit

Sesame Street Cupcake Toppers

Alternatively, supplier 4 also has a great range of Sesame Street cupcake toppers, including edible fondant ones (below left) and personalized Sesame Street signs.

sesame street edible cake toppers
sesame street cake toppers
sesame street cake toppers

Sesame Street Candy Wrappers

Supplier 4 also has a big range of Sesame Street candy wrapper, some of which are printables, which you can use to cover standard candy bars, make them personalized, or use as party favors.

sesame street candy wrappers
sesame street personalized wrappers
sesame street candy wrappers

sesame street Birthday Cake

Whether you're making a birthday cake from scratch or just decorating it, below are some suggestions to go with these Sesame Street birthday party ideas:

Sesame Street Cake Pans

These cake pans from suppliers 3 and 4 (other characters available) are a really easy way to turn out an impressive looking Sesame Street birthday party cake. Think about how you're going to present the cake too. For example, for an Elmo cake you could serve it on a tray with lots of crayons scattered around it. For Oscar you could surround with crushed Oreo dirt, gummy worms, and scrunched up old newspapers. Or for The Count you could surround it with chocolate / cookie / jello numbers.

sesame street elmo cake pan
sesame street oscar cake pan
sesame street the count cake pan

sesame street Edible Cake Images

If you're not really a baker you can also get personalized edible icing cake toppers, such as the ones below, from supplier 4.

sesame street edible image cake topper
sesame street abby cadabby edible image cake topper

Sesame Street Cake Toppers

For something a bit more special, check out the range of Sesame Street birthday cake fondant toppers from supplier 4.

cookie monster cake topper
bert and ernie cake topper
elmo cake topper

Alternatively, supplier 4 also a range of non-edible toppers which can be personalized.

sesame street cake topper
sesame street cake topper
sesame street elmo cake topper

Dessert Table Styling

Below are some ideas for ways to style and decorate a Sesame Street birthday party:

Matt's Tip

I always think it’s a good idea to concentrate the majority of your decorations around a buffet/dessert table. This will create a focal point in the room. Decorations often have to compete with existing room decor so they can get a bit lost if spread too thinly. I think you’re far better off creating one really well themed feature wall that everyone’s eye will be drawn to. You can then use a few general decorations around the rest of the room to tie everything together.

matt james

Sesame Street Dessert Table

When I remember Sesame Street I always think of the urban street scene with the famous lamp post and street sign, the front stoop of the brownstone apartment building, Hooper's Store, Oscar's trash can, and Big Bird's nest. So take this as inspiration for your Sesame Street birthday party decorations and create this scene below for your dessert / buffet table.

sesame street dessert table

Brick Wall Backdrop

Pick up a brick wall scene setter (below left) to use as a backdrop to the food table, or for a less plastic look, pick up a roll of brick background paper (below center, lots of different brick styles available). Both from supplier 2.

Don't worry if this sounds a bit industrial for a kid's party - once you add in the characters, the street sign, and some colorful balloons it will soiften the look. Alternatively, if you'd prefer something a bit softer, check out the dessert table styling options on the Elmo birthday party ideas page which uses 'Sunny Days' theme with a blue sky background with added clouds and grass as the backdrop.

Alternatively, supplier 1 has this Sesame Street scene setter (below right) that you could use.

brick wall backdrop
brick wall background paper
sesame street scene setter


If you're using the brick wall backdrop, start to build up the street scene by taking inspiration from the photo below of the Strong Museum of Play Sesame Street exhibit. Using card stock, cut out some shapes to resemble open windows (with a window ledge, etc) and add these to the brick wall backdrop. Then add some cut outs / airwalker balloons (see below) of some of the Sesame Street characters such as Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, or Elmo so they look like they're popping their head out of the window (like Big Bird in the photos below). You can use the special Paint and Color game on the Sesame Street website to print off drawings of Sesame Street characters (below center). Just save them to your computer, enlarge them and print off yourself.

I also think the clothesline, complete with laundry, in the picture below is a really nice touch. You could make this part of your backdrop (which would help add some nice 3D elements) by stringing a line of cute baby / toddler clothes accross the top of the brick wall backdrop. You could also cut the famous green doors of 123 Sesame Street out of card stock and add these to the backdrop too.

sesame street exhibition
sesame street exhibition

Personalized Sesame Street Backdrops

Another option is to buy one of these personalized Sesame Street backdrops from supplier 4. They're emailed to you as a digital file which you can then get printed out to your chosen size at a local copy shop. Alternatively, you could use one of these wall mural / decals from supplier 3 (below right).

personalized sesame street backdrop
personalized sesame street backdrop
sesame street wall mural decal

Sesame Street lamp post

Next, make the famous Sesame Street lamp post (above right) out of green cardstock and add this to the brick / sky backdrop. There's a fairly hi resolution image of the Sesame Street sign here. Alterantively, supplier 4 has lots of smaller signs, like the ones shown below, which can be personalized.

personalized sesame street sign
personalized sesame street sign
personalized sesame street sign

Sesame Street Centerpiece / decal

Alternatively, supplier 4 also has a number of centerpieces in the style of the Sesame Street lamp post, or you could use this wall decal from supplier 3.

sesame street lamp post centerpiece
sesame street lamp post centerpiece
sesame street lamp post wall decal

Sesame Street Cut Outs

Supplier 4 has a range of Sesame Street character cut outs that are approx 3ft tall. These would be a great way to decorate your street scene.

sesame street cut outs

Sesame Street Airwalker Balloons

Alternatively, you can also bring your Sesame Street birthday party to life by using these giant Airwalker balloons. You could even position the Elmo one on the dessert table (if you have enough space overhead) to use it as a dramatic centerpiece. There's also a large Cookie Monster balloon you could use, although this one isn't an airwalker. All 3 are available from supplier 1. At the other end of the table set up a metal waste paper basket (or cover a regular one in tin foil) and position an Oscar cut out (from the Paint and Color game mentioned previously) peering out with a cardstock speech bubble that says 'scram!'.

elmo airwalker balloon
sesame street airwalker balloon
cookie monster balloon

Sesame Street Wall Decals

Another way to decorate with Sesame Street characters is to use these wall decals from supplier 3, some of which are re-usable so you can reapply them to the birthday boy or girl's bedroom wall after the party.

sesame street wall decals big bird
sesame street wall decals oscar
sesame street wall decals

Personalized Sesame Street Banners

Complete the scene by hanging a personalized Sesame Street banner from supplier 3 over the dessert table, or you could even use this as the backdrop to your dessert table display.

personalized sesame street banner
personalized sesame street banner
personalized sesame street banner

More Banners

Supplier 4 also has some alternative designs, such as the ones below.

personalized sesame street banner
personalized sesame street banner

Serving Plates

Use a green colored table cloth for your Sesame Street birthday party, in keeping with the green and yellow Sesame Street colors. Raise up food items at the back of the table by covering boxes with yellow paper and adding a green strip of ribbon (see illustration above). Then use yellow and white colored serving plates , in keeping with the Sesame Street colors. Or if you prefer, use a random combination of primary colored plates to add plenty of color to the display. I recommend these disposable premium plastic plates from supplier 1, they're great value and look so much nicer than paper party plates. Finish by scattering from foam letters and numbers from supplier 3 around the tabletop.

premium plastic plates blue
premium plastic bowls red
premium plastic plates yellow
foam letters and numbers

Sesame Street Dessert Table 2

Below is alternative dessert table for a Sesame Street birthday party.

sesame street dessert table

Streamer Backdrop

If you prefer a more colorful backdrop for your dessert table, a really cheap and easy solution is to use crepe paper streamers from supplier 1 or 2. Just twist and hang them in tight vertical lines from floor to ceiling.

streamer backdrop
streamer backdrop
streamer backdrop

Sesame Street Dessert Table 3

Finally, here is a third option for a Sesame Street themed dessert table.

sesame street dessert table

Balloon Backdrop

Create a 'wall' of balloons to act as a backdrop by fixing them to vertical strips of this adhesive balloon decorating tape from supplier 2 (below left). If your budget allows, you can get a more professional finishing by investing in one of these freestanding backdrop boards for $49 and attaching the balloons to it. The great thing about these backdrop boards is that you can use them every year to create a different dessert table or photo booth backdrop.

balloon decorating tape
freestanding backdrop board
balloon backdrop

Food Styling & Presentation

Below are some food styling and presentation tips to go with these Sesame Street birthday party ideas.

Sesame Street Food Tents

Use these Sesame Street food tents from supplier 4 to identify different dishes on your buffet / dessert table. There are lots of different designs available that can be customized with your own text and many are instant download printables.

sesame street food tents labels
sesame street food tents labels
sesame street food tents labels

Sesame Street Cut Outs / Labels

These Elmo and Cookie Monster cardstock cut outs can also be attached to food containers and treats to make them look more special. Or use these printable labels to give condiments a Sesame Street makeover. Both from supplier 4.

elmo cut outs
cookie monster cut outs
sesame street condiment labels

Mini Pringles Labels

These printable mini Pringles labels from supplier 4 are a great way to customize shop-bought snacks, or use them as party favors.

sesame street pringles labels
sesame street pringles labels

Table Styling

Below are some suggestions for how to style and decorate the dining table in keeping with these Sesame Street birthday party ideas:

Matt's Tip

If it’s a kid’s party, don’t feel as if you have to shy away from using character-branded tableware. I see a lot of kid’s parties that are so immaculately styled they look more like adult parties. It’s obvious the parents have designed it for themselves, rather than the child. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a professional party planner it’s to design the party for your audience, not yourself. The reality is kids want their favorite characters to have a strong presence at their party; they don’t see this as too commercial, for them it’s just fun. Obviously, it’s important to get the balance right, so don’t go overboard. Character plates and cups work well if combined with a solid color table cover and napkins.

matt james

Sesame Street party plates

For a quick and easy way to dress the table, there are lots of great Sesame Street birthday party plates and cups available from supplier 1, including some specifically for 1st birthdays.

sesame street party plates
sesame street 1st birthday party plates
elmo 1st birthday party plates

Personalized Sesame Street Plates

Supplier 7 also has a range of less commercial Sesame Street party plates, cups, and napkins, including some that can be personalized.

personalized sesame street birthday party plates
sesame street birthday party plates
sesame street birthday party plates

Sesame Street Character Plates

Alternatively, supplier 4 has some cute Sesame Street character plates and matching cups.

sesame street party plates
sesame street party plates

Cookie Monster Table Styling

Another fun idea is to theme the table around one Sesame Street character, such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar or Elmo. The easiest way to do this is to use a solid color tablecover in keeping with the character - such as blue for cookie monster (below left, from supplier 1). Then create a faux fur table runner down the center of the table, using this colored fur (below center for Cookie Monster). Or if budget permits, cover the entire tabletop using faux fur.

Then choose solid color plates and napkins according to whatever secondary colors are associated with the particular character (ex, Cookie Monster would be white plates and black napkins, Big Bird would be orange plates and red napkins, Oscar would be brown plates and black napkins, and Elmo would be orange plates and black napkins). Finally, use a plush toy of the character as a centerpiece (below right), raised up on a colored box.

blue table cover
blue faux fur
cookie monster plush

Elmo table styling

Likewise, you do apply the same approach to Elmo, or any of the other Sesame Street characters.

red table cover
red faux fur
elmo plush

Sesame Street Cutlery

Finishing the table styling with these color coordinatated cutlery sets and napkin ties from supplier 4.

cookie monster cutlers
elmo cutlery

High Chair Decorations

For younger children, supplier 4 also has some cute high chair decorating kits.

sesame street high chair decorating kit

Table Decorations

Once you've chosen your colors for your Sesame Street birthday party, create a tablescape running down the center that uses lots of brightly colored objects and toys that start with the same letter as your child's first name (ex, if you child's name starts with G use goldfish, grapefruit, gingerbread men, gorilla, etc). You could use this as an educational game by deliberately including some more obscure objects and seeing if they can identify what they are (ex, Grapefruit—then have them taste a slice).

If you want to take this idea one step further you could also group each object according to the number of your child's age (ex, 3 grapefruits, 3 gingerbread men, etc) and have them count them like The Count (ie, 'One Grapefruit, ah ha ha', 'two grapefruits, ah ha ha' etc).

gingerbread man

Sesame Street Centerpiece

These personalized Sesame Street letters from supplier 4 would make a great centerpeice running down the middle of the table, and can be re-used on a bedroom wall or door after the party.

personalized sesame street letters
personalized sesame street letters

Sesame Street Centerpieces

Altenatively, supplier 4 also has lots of other cute Sesame Street centerpieces, such as the ones below.

sesame street centerpiece
sesame street centerpiece
sesame street centerpiece

Sesame Street Party Hats / Treat Holders

Finish your table styling by placing one of these Sesame Street party hats at each place, or one of these treat holders filled with small party favors. Both are available from supplier 4.

sesame street treat holders
sesame street party hats

Sesame Street Paper Lanterns

I always like to have some decorations overhead too, to fill the empty space above the table, so use a cluster of paper lanterns from supplier 2 and add eyes and faces of the various Sesame Street characters using cardstock. (You can also pick up cheap battery LED bulbs to make the lanterns glow without having to worry about power cords). Alternatively, you can buy Sesame Street themed paper lanterns, such as these below, from supplier 4.

red paper lantern decorations
sesame street paper lanterns oscar
sesame street paper lanterns

Sesame Street Tissue Poms

Alternatively, for a softer look, you can do something similar with tissue poms from supplier 2. Or buy them ready made from supplier 4.

sesame street tissue poms the count
sesame street tissue poms big bird
sesame street tissue poms abby cadabby
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Sesame Street party Decorations

Below are tips and recommendations for general decorations to go with these Sesame Street birthday party ideas:


You should always start with a few party decorations outside to greet people. It could be as simple as chalking the pavement or using bunches of balloons. Alternatively, use a Sesame Street cut out or vertical door banner such as these from supplier 4.

sesame street chalk pavements
sesame street cut out big bird
sesame street door banner

Sesame Street Door Sign

Another option is to hang a personalized door sign on your front door. Supplier 4 has lots of different designs available.

sesame street door sign
sesame street door sign abby cadabby
sesame street door sign
sesame street door sign cookie monster

Balloon Wreath / Airwalkers

See my Elmo birthday party ideas page for more information about this brightly colored balloon wreath, which is perfect to hang on the front door for a Sesame Street birthday party. Alternatively, position one of these huge Elmo or Big Bird airwalker balloons from supplier 1 at the front door to greet people.

balloon wreath
balloon wreath
elmo airwalker balloon

Custom Life Size Standee

Alternatively, you can have a life-size cut out of your child dressed in a costume to put at the end of your drive or outside your front door for under $25. These are particulary fun when paired with a motion-activated voice recorder for around $10. Simply pre-record your own 10 second welcome message and it automatically plays as guests walk past the cut out of your child. Select supplier 2 for more info on both these items.

custom life size standee
girls cookie monster costume
kids ernie costume
motion activated voice recorder

Sesame Street Balloons

Supplier 4 has these great printable cut outs of Sesame Street character's faces which can be applied to balloons. A great way to theme larger areas.

sesame street character face balloons

Brought to you by the letter....

These large letter and number balloons from supplier 3 are a great way to continue the 'Brought to you by the letter... and the number....' Sesame Street theme. Or you can use them to spell out the birthday boy or girls name.

letter balloons
letter balloons
number balloons

Sesame Street garland banners

Supplier 4 also has a great range of personlized Sesame Street gardland banners which are also great for decorating larger areas.

sesame street custom garland banner
sesame street personalized garland banner

Sesame Street Birthday Party Favors

Supplier 1 has a range of inexpensive Sesame Street novelties, such as temporary tattoos and stamps, which you can use to fill favor bags.

sesame street temporary tattoos
sesame street party favors
sesame street party favors

Alternatively, supplier 4 has some less commercial options, such as these personalized printable crayon boxes or these Sesame Stree bubbles and marshmallow sticks.

personalized sesame street crayon box party favors
personalized sesame street crayon box party favors
sesame street party favors bubbles
sesame street party favors marshmallows

Supplier 4 also has the best range of Sesame Street favor bags, boxes, and even these cute pails.

sesame street party favor bags
sesame street abby cadabby party favor bags
sesame street treat pails

Sesame Street birthday party Costumes

There are lots of Sesame Street costumes available for boys and girls of all ages, so let the birthday boy or girl get dressed up for their party. Or have an adult or older sibling dressed up as Oscar or Big Bird to greet people as they arrive. See supplier 1 and 8 for best range of costumes.

sesame street kids cookie monster costume
sesame street kids abby cadabby costume
sesame street girls elmo costume
sesame street adult oscar costume

Alternatively, supplier 4 has a great range of Sesame Street T shirts and iron-on prints, some of which can be personalized.

sesame street t shirt
custom personalized kids sesame street t shirt
sesame street t shirt

Sesame Street Birthday Party Games

See my seperate Sesame Street Birthday Party Games page for more ideas and activities for a Sesame Street birthday party.

cookie monster pinata
sesame street crafts cookie monster sock puppet
sesame street photo booth props

Thank You Cards

Don't forget to follow up after the party with a thank you note. Supplier 4 has the best range of Sesame Street thank you cards, with lots of printable options available.

sesame street thank you cards
sesame street thank you notes

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