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Below are lots of Hello Kitty party ideas for a kid's birthday, with tips and suggestions for invitations, food & drink, decorations and party games.

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hello kitty Invitations




Edible hello kitty Invitations

Using something edible is a really fun way to create an unusual birthday invitation to go with your Hello Kitty party ideas.

These cookies would make a great edible Hello Kitty party invitations. You can make these yourself or buy them here (select supplier 3 or 8) for around $2 each.

hello kitty cookies


Write all the birthday party details onto a decorative shipping tag by hand and tie onto the stick with ribbon. Alternatively, you can have personalized tags printed quite cheaply ($19.95 / £12 for 100 cards) incorporating your own photograph - see printed mini cards for more info.

You can also enhance the presentation to make them even more special. Wrap them in some shredded pink tissue paper, place in a small gift box and tie up with ribbon.

Alternatively, just print a simple text-based invitation onto pink card stock using your home printer. As the cookie (in a nice gift box) is the main focus of the invitation it wont matter that the invitations themsleves are just a basic text design.




Hello Kitty Tiara Invitations

Another option for a 3D birthday invitation to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas is to send out one of these Hello Kitty tiara's (select supplier 1 or 3) to each guest. They're just $2 each and it will make a lovely surprise to receive one of these in the post as a party invitation - plus they can all wear them to the party. Again, just add all the party information using a tag style invitation tied on with ribbon.


hello kitty tiara




Personalized hello kitty Invitations

If you prefer to use a traditional invitation to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas, there are several different designs that can be personalized on-line, including some that will let you include a photo of your child. See here for designs such as the ones below (other designs available).

hello kitty personalized invitations hello kitty personalized party invitations






There are also some other designs, such as the ones below, available here (select supplier 8). More designs available.

hello kitty personalized invitationshello kitty custom invitations



Fill-In Style hello kitty Invitations

If you're on a budget there are also some cute ready-made fill-in style invitations (select supplier 1 or 3) that would also work well with these Hello Kitty party ideas.

hello kitty invitationshello kitty birthday party invitations


















Below are some suggestions for drinks to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas:


Pink Lemonade

Serve pink drinks such as pink lemonade. These look great when served in individual glass bottles (see photo below from Blondeville as an example). The cheapest way to obtain these bottles is to recycle the supermarket version of Starbuck's Frappuccino drink - the bottles are just the right size for kids - then just soak off the label.

pink lemonade bottles


To style these so they are more in keeping with the Hello Kitty party ideas, I'd suggest adding a simple Hello Kitty sticker (select supplier 1 or 3) to each bottle and serving them with Hello Kitty straws (select supplier 3 or 8) that the kids will love.

hello kitty stickershello kitty straws












Smoothies & Milkshakes

To compliment the pink, white, and lavender color palette of these Hello Kitty party ideas serve a selection of berry smoothies. These are also a great way to cram lots of healthy fruits in the kid's diet. Alternatively, you could serve this cute Polka-Dot Strawberry Milkshake made with marshmallows (below right, by Sweet Paul, photo by Alexandra Grabewski).

berry smoothiesprincess party ideas pink milkshake













Hello Kitty Ice Cubes

You can also theme your drinks by using this Hello Kitty ice cube tray (select supplier 3) . If you're serving smoothies or milkshakes, add some milk to the ice cube tray so the heads come out white, or drop in some pink food coloring.

hello kitty ice cube tray


  • Alternatively, use these pink flashing ice cubes (below left) or these pink LED cups (below right) which kids will love. Both are available here (select supplier 7).

flashing ice cubesLED cups


  • Give plain water bottles a Hello Kitty party make-over with these printable labels (select supplier 8). Other designs available.

hello kitty water bottle labels






Here are some suggestions for food to compliment these Hello Kitty party ideas:


  • Pick up a Hello Kitty cookie cutter (select supplier 3) because they're so versatile and you can use it to create lots of different themed foods such as these sandwiches (below right, by Funky Lunch).

hello kitty cookie cutterhello kitty sandwicheshello kitty cookie cutter


  • Another option for making Hello Kitty sandwiches is to use this break making mold (select supplier 3). You can bake your own Hello Kitty shaped bread then use the accompanying stencil to dust the sandwiches with chocolate powder to fill in the features.

hello kitty moldhello kitty sandwiches









  • You can also use the Hello Kitty cookie cutter to make these cute mini pizzas (below, by Lovebones). Just use ham or pepperoni for the bow, black olives for the eyes and whiskers and sweet corn for the nose.

hello kitty pizza


  • Alternatively, you could make one large pizza in the shape of the Hello Kitty face (below, from Hellokittylove.com - website no longer available).

hello kitty pizza


  • There are lots of great Hello Kitty bento box designs around on the web, but unless you're pretty skilled in the kitchen they can be tricky to replicate. This mini rice ball sushi press (select supplier 3) is a handy little tool that will mold rice in the Hello Kitty face easily (you can also get larger rice molds from the same supplier if you want something bigger). Of course you don't have to serve these in bento boxes, you could use it to make shaped portions of rice to go with any sort of rice based dish.

hello kitty rice presshello kitty bento box











  • Another handy little tool is this Hello Kitty vegetable cutter (select supplier 3) which you can use to create lots of healthy party food options such as vegetables, fruit, cheese slices on crackers etc. The great thing about this cutter is that it imprints the details of the face onto the food.

hello kitty cutterhello kitty vegetable cutter










  • Another way to use the vegetable cutter above is to make these cute pocket pies (below, by i-heart-baking). The tutorial uses an apple filling but there's no reason you couldn't use the same method to make savory bite sized pies in order to have a good balance of sweet and savory food options to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas.

hello kitty piehello kitty pie















  • Check out this great little step by step tutorial for how to make Hello Kitty cookies like these (below left, by Sweet Sugar Belle) using the cookie cutter shown below right. Alternatively, if you're not one for baking you can buy Hello Kitty cookies here (select supplier 3 or 8).

hello kitty cookieshello kitty cookie cutter











  • These Hello Kitty macaroon's (below, from The Sweet Spot) are also really cute. You just make macaroons in the usual way but use a toothpick to create the ears. The features are just drawn on with food pens and the bow is just two heart-shaped sprinkles stuck together with a dot of the raspberry compote filling.

hello kitty macaroons


  • To make Hello Kitty cupcakes you can follow this tutorial from Wok and Spoon (below left) which uses the cookie cutter to make the Hello Kitty face out of fondant to place on top of cupcakes. Alternatively, you can make the face out of frosting like these (below left) from i-heart-baking.

hello kitty cupcakeshello kitty cupcakes















hello kitty cupcake ringshello kitty cake toppershello kitty cake decorations


hello kitty cupcake wrappershello kitty food picks











hello kitty cupcake stand


  • Another easy way to make Hello Kitty cupcakes is to fill the silicone ice cube tray (supplier 3) with white chocolate then use these as toppers on regular frosted cupcakes (you can color in the eyes, whiskers and bow using food markers). Alternatively, use the mold (or the slightly larger ones that are available) to make coconut jello Hello Kitty heads using this recipe (below right, by cake on the brain).

hello kitty ice cube trayhello kitty jello


  • The cookie cutter comes in handy again (I told you it was versatile) if you want to make these rice krispie treats to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas (below left, by kcmunda on Flickr). Alternatively, you can buy these white chocolate coated ones (below right).

hello kitty rice krispiehello kitty rice krispie treats


hello kitty cake pops


hello kitty cake popshello kitty cake pops










hello kitty pezhello kitty candyhello kitty lollipop


Hello Kitty popcorn boxesHello Kitty popcorn boxes












Birthday Cake

  • If you want to make your own birthday cake to compliment these Hello Kitty party ideas you can use this cake pan, then decorate it using this Hello Kitty icing color set. See here for both (select supplier 1 or 3).

hello kitty cake panhello kitty icing color set











  • For a quick and easy option you can just pick up various Hello Kitty cake toppers (select supplier 3), such as the ones below (more designs available), and add these to a regular cake.

hello kitty cake topperhello kitty cake decorating kit











Hello Kitty edible imageHello Kitty edible image



table Styling

Buffet / Dessert Table

Below are some tips for how to style and decorate your party in keeping with these Hello Kitty party ideas.




To create a dessert table like the one shown below for your birthday party, follow these steps:

hello kitty dessert table


  • A really easy way to create a tasteful backdrop for a dessert table is by hanging tissue paper garlands (select supplier 2) vertically. See example below from Martha Stewart Weddings for inspiration.

paper garlandstissue paper garlands













  • The trick to using garlands to decorate is to make sure you use quite a lot so the backdrop looks fairly thick. To get a good mix of textures use different types of garlands. In the illustration above I've used a mixture of arcade garlands (below top), leaf garlands (below middle) and paper tissue garlands (below bottom) in a mixture of classic pink, hot pink and white. See here for where to buy (supplier 2). Always use a mixture of 3 colors, rather than 2, to avoid a candy stripe effect.

arcade garland

tissue paper leaf garland

tissue paper garland


pink table coverhello kitty garland











  • Use a mix of square and rectangular white plates and bowls to display the food on. If you don't have these already, I recommend these disposable Premium Plastic Plates (below), they're great value and are really handy if you don't have enough serving platters and trays to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas.

plastic platespink platesplastic party plates


  • Use this huge 50" Hello Kitty airwalker balloon as a table center, it will make a very dramatic addition to the display. If you don't have enough enough height for the airwalker, you can get slightly smaller 30" ones too. See here for both (select supplier 1 or 3).

hello kitty airwalker balloonhello kitty balloon


hello kitty personalized party banner

hello kitty personalized party banner

hello kitty personalized party banner


  • Alternatively, you could purchase this digital design (which, at 6ft x 8ft is big enough to use as your entire dessert table backdrop) and have it printed at a local copy shop. Select supplier 8 here.

hello kitty personalized backdrop


crepe paper streamersstreamer backdrop











  • Below is an example of how this would look for a Hello Kitty dessert table.

hello kitty dessert table


  • The above design uses a simple garland style banner (select supplier 1), such as this Hello Kitty one below.

hello kitty party banner


hello kitty pennant bannerhello kitty garland








  • Another budget option is to create a 'wall' of balloons to act as a backdrop by fixing them to vertical strips of this adhesive balloon decorating tape (select supplier 2). If you hang each vertical strip of balloons closely together they should form a nice tight block, but if you find they droop a little just use a small piece of double sided sticky tape to stick each balloon to the next balloon over.

balloon decorating tape


  • For this backdrop you could use one single color of balloon or a mixture of different colors. See below for how this would look.

hello kitty party decorations


  • Another option for a dessert table backdrop is to hang a cluster of pink and white pom pom decorations (supplier 2) or paper lanterns (supplier 2). These work best if you have a plain wall behind. If not, just hang some fabric on the wall first to make a solid color background.

pink pom pomspink paper lanterns










  • An alternative to hanging a solid color fabric background is to use these huge 44" x 36" Hello Kitty fabric panels as ready-made backdrops - they're less that $10 each.

hello kitty backdrophello kitty background





Table Styling

Below are some table styling tips to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas:




  • Dress the table with this range of Hello Kitty partyware (select supplier 1) , which includes plates and cups, and pair them with a solid pink tablecover and perhaps a lavender or hot pink napkin as an accent color.

hello kitty tableclothhello kitty partywarehello kitty plates


  • Alternatively, other designs are available, such as this one below left (select supplier 2) or this one below right (select supplier 3).

hello kitty party plateshello kitty party plates










  • You can also add these place mats and sprinkle the tabletop with this Hello Kitty confetti. See here for both (select supplier 1).

hello kitty placematshello kitty confetti









  • Alternatively, there are several Hello Kitty fabrics you can purchase by the yard to make tablecloths / runners etc. Many of these are quite wide so you can also use them to decorate with (for example as a backdrop to the dessert table).

hello kitty fabrichello kitty fabrichello kitty fabric


  • If you want to give your party a really professional look, pick up some disposable chair covers to give all the chairs a uniform look. Often, if you're using mismatched chairs or the color doesn't fit with the theme of your party it can really detract from the overall aesthetic. The reason the table styling always looks better at professional events or weddings is because the chair covers coordinate with the tablecloth. If your budget allows, use these stretch fabric chair covers which are approx $7 each in black or white. Then tie a sash to the back of each chair in whatever your chosen accent color is.

chair covers and sasheschair covers









  • There are lots of different balloons available that fit well with these Hello Kitty party ideas. I nice way to use these is to fill with helium and tie one to the back of each chair on a piece of ribbon / string so that it sits above head height. See here for a full range (suppliers 1 and 3).

hello kitty balloonshello kitty balloonhello kitty balloons


hello kitty tiarahello kitty paper tiara










  • I came across this picture of a Hello Kitty flower bouquet (below left, from China Daily) that a florist in Japan put together and I thought it would make a great centerpiece. Then I came across this step by step tutorial for how to make something similar using white carnations (below right, by Zakka Life). I think you could get away with just making two or three and mixing them in with some other pink flowers like the Japanese florist did to create one centerpiece. Alternatively, make three and display each one in a single stem vase (or just use glass bottles filled with pink water) running down the middle of the table.

hello kitty flowershello kitty bouquet









  • I always think it looks nice to have some decoration overhead too—to fill the empty space above the table. A simple fix is to hang a few tissue pom-poms (supplier 2).

pink pom poms


  • Alternatively, hang a cluster of different sized paper lanterns (supplier 2) at varying heights, like in the examples below. These look nice enough on their own, but you can also pick up some battery powered LED lights from the same supplier so that you can illuminate them (as per the photo below right).

red paper lanternsparty decoration ideas paper lanterns



















Below are a selection of decorations and supplies to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas.

Quick Links

I didn't have space to feature all the decorations available, so to see a full range to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas use the quick links below. These suppliers have the best range and between them they have something for all budgets.

usa flag Hello Kitty Party Supplies
Hello Kitty Birthday Decorations icon

uk flagHello Kitty Birthday Supplies

usa flagHello Kitty Supplies


  • Always start with a few decorations outside so there's a bit of a build up to the entrance. This could just be bunches of balloons starting along the pavement and leading guests up your drive to the front door, or you could use this pink carpet runner (select supplier 2).

pink carpet runner



  • This cute balloon wreath (by How Does She?) would look great made if you made it out of pink and white balloons, then just pop a round Hello Kitty party plate in the center and hang on your front door.

balloon wreathhello kitty platesballoon wreath


  • If you don't have time to make the balloon wreath, you could just hang one of these Hello Kitty shaped balloons (select supplier 3) on the front door.

hello kitty balloon

  • For inside, these Hello Kitty wall decals (select supplier 3) are a great way to decorate walls. They just peel and stick and the great thing about them is you can remove and re-apply them easily which means you can use them to decorate your child's bedroom after their birthday party.

hello kitty wall decalshello kitty wall stickers


hello kitty scene setter


  • You can turn regular white paper lanterns (select supplier 2) into illuminated Hello Kitty heads by just cutting her features out of card stock and applying to an oval shaped white paper lantern. When cutting out the ears, remember to leave a 1 inch deep flap running along the bottom of each ear which you can stick to the lantern and then crease along the fold so that the ear stands up. Add an battery operated LED light to make them light up (plus this way you're not restricted to hanging them in the center of the room where the light fitting is).

oval paper lanternhello kitty lantern










  • These Hello Kitty string lights (select supplier 3) are also cute for decorating and can be used after the birthday party in your child's bedroom.

hello kitty lightshello kitty string lights










  • These Hello Kitty danglers (select supplier 1 or 3) are handy decorations, you can use them at each end of the dessert table to help frame it (see illustration above).

hello kitty danglers







If you want to let your child dress up for their birthday, there are lots of costumes and accessories (select supplier 1) available that go with these Hello Kitty party ideas, or try here for Hello Kitty T Shirts (supplier 3).

hello kitty costumehello kitty tiarahello kitty





Party Games and Activities

See my separate page of birthday party games and activities to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas, with games such as 'Kitty Hunt', 'Catch Kitty', 'Don't Wake Kitty' and 'Pin the Bow on'.

hello kitty party gameshello kitty craftshello kitty pinata






Party Favors

For a quick and easy solution to favors to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas, you can buy pre-filled favor boxes, which often work out cheaper than buying items individually. Alternatively, there's this 48 piece favor pack (below right) which you can use to create your own birthday party loot bags. See here for both (select supplier 1).

hello kitty party favorshello kitty party favorshello kitty party favors


If you prefer to choose your own, there are lots of small Hello Kitty themed items (select supplier 1) that can be used as birthday party favors such as bubbles, candy tins, and personalized buttons.

hello kitty bubbleshello kitty buttonshello kitty candy


Use these items to fill these really cute Hello Kitty party bags (select supplier 3).

hello kitty party bags





Thank You Notes

Don't forget to follow up after the birthday party with thank you cards. There are lots of different designs available to go with these Hello Kitty party ideas and these are always nicer when they're hand-written so just use cheap ready-made 'fill-in' style cards (select supplier 1).

hello kitty thank you notes





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