Thru The Decades

by Myra
(New York, US)

For my Mother-in-law's 70th birthday party I decided to go thru the decades as far as food and drinks.

The party was at my house and we had about 25 people in attendance.

I set up 3 different tables, one for drinks, one for food and the other for a dessert buffet table. The colors I used were black, white and red. The tablecloths on all tables were black and all the serving dishes were white. I had red roses as centerpieces.

The food, drinks and desserts will take you thru the decades. I did tons of research to achieve this.

My MIL was born in 1941. I had 2 different food/drink/dessert from each decade starting with the 40's and a little history/information of each food. So for instance:

The bellini was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1948. I made a card with information about the bellinis in front of the 'bellini station' and instructions to make them.

In 1948 Mc Donald's invented the drive-thru window. So I had hamburgers/cheeseburgers from Mc Donalds,again, with information/history of the food.

The piña colada was invented in 1954 at the Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, so I made piña colada cupcakes.

Canapes were also invented in the 50s.

From the 60's I had pig in a blanket and Swedish meatballs.

From the 70's I had a veggie platter and Dunkin Donuts munchkins.

From the 80's I had Ben & Jerry ice cream and chicken Francese.

From the 90's I had Jones soda and Nutella Chocolate chip cookies.

From the 2000's I had cake pops and oreo truffles.

Everyone thought it was a great way to incorporate the age.

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