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See below for a list of Superhero party games and activities suitable for a kid's birthday party. For other Superhero party ideas including creative tips and suggestions for birthday party invitations, superhero themed party food and drink, and Superhero party decorations, see my Superhero Party Ideas page.


create a superhero identity

Have the kid's create their very own Superhero and decide what super-powers they have using this free download (below, from Disney Family Fun).

superhero party games superhero identity kit



Superhero Identity Badge

If they've come in costume, use this free template (from Krafty Kid) to have them create their own identity badge before they start the Superhero party games. Provide clip-on holders so they can wear them or little plastic wallets for them to flash.

superhero party games superhero identity badge



Superhero control panel

Let everyone make their own Superhero control panel gadget and decide what each button does (ex, activate force shield, turn invisible, etc) with these instructions by Ellie and Abbie at Bright Eyes + Blue Eyes.

superhero party games superhero control panel



Kryptonite Treasure Hunt

Paint some rocks green for Kryptonite and hide them, then hold a treasure hunt. If you're doing this indoors use fluorescent paint and hide them next to a black light to make them glow.

Alternatively, buy a pack of these green flashing ice cubes (below, here for UK visitors) and use these as the Kryptonite.

flashing ice cubes



Spiderman Webs

Give the kids cans of Silly String to have Spiderman web-fights. (UK visitors see here).

wacky string



Superhero Face Painting / tattoos

Add some face-painting classes to your Superhero party games using Superhero logos, lightning bolts, Spiderman webs etc. You can also include these temporary Superhero tattoos (below).

spiderman tattooscaptain america tattoossuperhero tattoos

Alternatively, use these Superhero face tattoos (below).

superhero face tattoosuperhero face tattoosuperhero face tattoo



Superhero Training

Get a parent to dress up as a masked Superhero (using a costume where the kid's can't see their face, such as the ones below) and make an entrance halfway through the birthday party when they're least expecting it to enroll them in Superhero training.

adult superhero costumessuperhero costumessuperhero costumebatman costumes


Set up an obstacle course to test different abilities. Include things like:

inflatable dumbell

batarangssuperhero party games










  • Make sky-scraper hurdles out of different sized boxes to jump over— to test flying skills

  • Give them a pair of X Ray glasses (below) then have them identify different objects inside bags and boxes just by feeling them (include lots of different textures and gooey, slimey things that kids will love)—to test their X-Ray vision

x ray glasses


superhero bop bagsuperhero party games


  • Finish off these Superhero party games by presenting them with different homemade certificates such as Best Superpower, Best Costume, Best Name, etc



Superhero Photo-Op

This Superhero photo-op board creates a great souvenir for kid's to take home a picture of themselves as a super-strong hero. (UK visitors see here)

superhero photo op board



Coloring Games

These Superhero coloring activities (below left, USA only) are a great way to keep kid's occupied while you wait for all the guests to arrive. Alternatively, have each child color in one part of this 12 piece Spiderman puzzle (below right, USA only), then later in the party they can try to assemble it into one large scene.

superhero coloring insuperhero puzzle












Pin Batman's Shield On

A variation of 'Pin the Tail On', kid's have to take turns to pin Batman's shield onto his chest while blindfolded.

batman party games



Superhero Pinatas

These draw string pinatas are particularly good as Superhero party games for younger kids as they can take turns to pull on a string.

superhero pinataspiderman pinata











Create Your own comic book

Towards the end of the Superhero party games, start to calm the kid's down by having them create their own comic book using sticker kits.

comic book stickers





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superhero Party Ideas

For more party ideas to go with these Superhero party games, check out my Superhero Party Ideas page.





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