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Below are some Star Wars birthday party games suitable for a kid's Star Wars party theme.

See my Star Wars birthday party ideas page for other ideas such as Star Wars party decorations, invitations, food and drink.

Jedi Robes

Start by issuing each of the Padawans with a Jedi Robe. Here's a great step by step tutorial by Steven DeGraeve for how to make your own like the ones pictured below. If you prefer to buy them, you can pick them up here.

star wars birthday party games jedi robes star wars birthday party games jedi robe star wars birthday party games make jedi robes



When planning your Star Wars birthday party games, don't underestimate how long kids will be happy to just play-fight with Lighsabers. You can create homemade lightsabers using foam pool noodles then just use heavy duty black and silver tape to create handles. You might want to pad out the handles with some tissue paper before wrapping in the tape, just so they are more pronounced than the main body of the 'lightsaber'.

Alternatively, you can pick up cheap inflatable lightsabers (select supplier 1) for just a couple of dollars each.

star wars inflatable lightsaber


Jedi Training

Once they are kitted out with a lightsaber and robe, start your Star Wars birthday party games with a series of training exercises and tests for the kids to qualify as true Jedis:

Jedi Mind Trick

  • Get a parent to dress up as Obi Wan to lead the training. Have Obi Wan first establish his credentials by performing a Jedi mind trick on them.

  • Obi Wan will ask them all to think of a number between 1 and 10. He then gives them a series of simple instructions. For this example let say....add 6 to their number, then subtract 1, then add 5. His final instruction is to tell them to subtract their original number. Then he will announce that the number they are all left with is....10!

  • The trick is that no matter what number they all started with, because Obi Wan's final instruction was to subtract the original number, it cancels out. Therefore, for Obi Wan to predict which number they will all end on he just calculates the sum of all his instructions, in this example 6 -1 + 5 = 10.


Lightsaber Training

  • Replicate Luke's lightsaber training on-board the Millennium Falcon (below, from Episode IV: A New Hope) as one of your Star Wars birthday party games by hanging a plastic ball on a string at around head height to represent the orb. Take turns to blindfold each child, then swing the ball back and forth on the string and see if they can 'feel the force' enough to hit it three times with their lightsaber.

star wars birthday party games lightsaber training


Lighsaber Duel

  • Split the kids into pairs and have them play tennis using lightsabers as rackets and a balloon as a ball. The object of the game is for each player to keep the balloon from touching the ground when it is batted towards them. They can only touch the balloon with their lightsaber—no hands—and can only touch it once before the other player does. If they touch it a second time before other player has, they are out. The first player to let the balloon touch the ground loses.


Physical Training

  • Jedi's have great balance and physical agility, so test their skills by creating an obstacle course that has them running through hula hoops, under nets, jumping over things, and walking along a balancing beam while dodging soft balls being thrown at them.

Target Practicestar wars birthday party games proton torpedoes

  • To destroy the Death Star in Episode IV: A New Hope, Luke has to fire his proton torpedoes into a narrow opening of the Death Star's thermal exhaust port (right).

  • Have the Padawans practice their aim by making a 2D cardboard Death Star and attaching it to a basketball hoop. If you don't have a hoop use a bucket instead.



Feel the Force

  • See how strongly they can feel the force by testing their Jedi senses with these Star Wars birthday party games:

  • Touch

    • Place different objects into bags or boxes and have them reach in and try to identify the contents while blindfolded.

    • Have the kids blind taste different foods and see how many they can identify.

    • Do the same with different smells

    • Before the party print off pictures of different Star Wars characters or vehicles then cut into the picture so you are left with just a small section of it (ex, a quarter or Queen Amadala's face, or Jar Jar Bink's mouth). Then see how many they can correctly identify from just a small section of the picture.

    • The Star Wars website now has an amazing sound board where you can play familiar sound effects from the films. Unfortunately you can't download them, so I would suggest you set up a laptop and speakers at your party then play back different sound effects and see how many the kids can identify.


Darth Vader Lightsaber Duel

  • At the end of their Jedi training they are ready to face Darth Vader / Darth Maul for a lightsaber duel. Have a parent enter dressed as Darth Vader / Darth Maul and let them do battle until they have managed to touch Darth Vader with their lightsaber three times. Don't forget to download the Imperial March (Darth Vader theme) music and play this beforehand for a dramatic build up.

darth maul costumedarth vader costume













Jedi Certificates

  • Once they've all destroyed Darth Vader present them with Jedi certificates.


Now they're all trained it's time to play some Star Wars birthday party games that pit Jedi against Sith:


Clone Wars

This is a variation of the children's game Stuck in the Mud. Pick up some of these cheap paper masks (select supplier 3).

Divide the kids into two teams. Give one team rebel masks and the other a mixture of First Order masks.

They then play a game of tag, but when each person is caught they have to stand on the spot with their legs spread open and arms out. They can only be released when another member of their team crawls through their legs. Keep playing until all of one team has been caught.


Rebel v First Order

Using the paper masks (supplier 3) buy enough so that you have one rebel mask for everyone (you can use a mixture of characters), and also one First Order mask for everyone (this time only choose one character so that all the First Order masks are the same).

Get one volunteer to start off as the First Order character. The remaining rebels have to run from point A to point B trying to get past the First Order in the middle. As each rebel is caught they swap their mask to become a member of the First Order until there is only one rebel left—who is the winner.









use the force

One of the most simple Star Wars birthday party games is to spit them into characters from the dark side and the light side using the masks and have them play tug of war.


Star wars bowling

Using a selection of paper masks available from the Star Wars site attach them to inflatable skittles then let the Jedi see how many baddies they can bowl over.



This pull string Darth Vader pinata (supplier 1) is a simple activity to use as one of your Star Wars birthday party games.

darth vader pinata


Star Wars Coloring Puzzle

This giant Star Wars coloring puzzle (select supplier 3) has 12 separate pieces, so each guest can color in one section then fit them all together to create a mural.

star wars coloring puzzle

Who am i?

Give each child another mask but put it on them from behind so they don't know which character they are wearing (have them close their eyes while you put it on so they can't work it out from the shape of the mask). Then have them all ask each other questions that can only be answered yes or no, until they work out who they are.



test of knowledge

This poster (select supplier 3) contains every character and every vehicle from all the Star Wars movies. Turn it into one of your Star Wars birthday party games by playing a version of 'Pin The Tail On' which will test their knowledge of Star Wars. Take turns to blindfold each guest, spin them around three times then place a small removable sticker (such as a Post It note) somewhere on the poster. They then have to remove their blindfold and correctly identify the character / vehicle they've placed the sticker on, and which movie(s) it featured in.

star wars poster



Star Wars Board Games

There are also a few special edition Star Wars games available such as an R2D2 version of Operation , and Play-Doh (both from supplier 3). Note: For UK visitors, try here for similar games.

star wars operation game star wars play doh











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