Star Wars birthday invitations

The Star Wars birthday invitations listed below are my personal recomendations These can be used for a kid's or adult birthday party and included options for personalized invitations, ready-made 'fill-in style' ones, creative 3D invitations and even a home-made option.

This page is an extension of my Star Wars birthday party ideas page which contains lots of creative ideas for Star Wars themed party invitations, food and drink, decorations, party games and favors. All of which can be adapted to suit a kids, teen, or adult birthday.

You may wish to read the party ideas page first and follow the in-context links back to this page as you come accross them.

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3D Star Wars birthday Invitations

If you want to get creative with your invitations, think about sending out a 3D object instead of a traditional printed invitation. This is a little trick that professional party planners use all the time to make their invitations stand out.

People love to receive unsual invitations. When something unexpected, like a 3D object, arrives in the mail it never fails to capture the imagination and get them excited about the party.

For more information and some photos of 3D invitations see Don't Just Think in 2D on the Party Invitation Ideas page.


Inflatable Lightsaber invitations

These inflatable lightsabers will make a great first impression if used as 3D Star Wars birthday invitations. They only cost a couple of dollars, so not much more than a printed invitation, but they're way more exciting. Plus you can ask the kid's to bring them to the party for lightsaber duals and Jedi training, so they'll double as a party game too.

Just hand-write all your party details onto a decorative shipping tags then tie the tag onto the lightsaber with ribbon. See an example of a 3D invitation with a tag here. Alternatively, if you want to embellish them further you can have the tags printed professionally (just $19.95 / £12 for 100 tags) where you can upload a photo to print on one side. The great thing about the printed tags is that you can upload a photo of your child dressed as their favorite Star Wars character. See the Costumes section for ideas.

You really need to mail these out already inflated, to get the maximum effect. You can buy these here in packs of 12 with free shipping. Alternatively, hand them out on the schooll run.


Click on the link next to the relevant flag for supplies in your area:

star wars inflatable lightsaber

usa flag

Star Wars Inflatable Lightsaber



uk flag

Inflatable Lightsabers (2 pack)

Nov 2011 Update: Low Stock, if unavailable try using the glow lightsaber instead.


australian flagSorry, not available in this area. See the homemade lightsaber option instead.






Glow Lightsabers

These glow stick lightsabers are a cheaper alternative to the infatable lightsabers for your Star Wars birthday invitations.

Click on the link next to the relevant flag for supplies in your area:

glow light saber

usa flag

Glow Lightsaber



uk flagGlow Lightsaber (different style)



australian flagSorry, not available in this area. See the homemade lightsaber option instead.






Personalized Invitations

Surprisingly, there are actually very few personalized Star Wars birthday invitations available. I think this is because the use of the brand name and any likeness to characters is tightly controlled under license by Lucas Film.

However, a few merchants have gotten around this with a bit of a creative approach and produced the invitations below.

usa flagNote: the invitations are only available in the USA



These invitations use the Star Wars style font and the intro line 'In a galaxy far far away...." and can be personalized either with a photo (below right) or without (below left). See here for both of these.

star wars birthday invitationsstar wars birthday invitations










You can also get matching thank you notes (click on the same link above).

star wars thank you notes



These invitations are also pretty cute - particularly the Yoda one, although the one on the right is useful if your child is a fan of the Lego Star Wars range. See here for these. icon

star wars birthday invitationsstar wars birthday party invitations







star wars invitations



You can also get matching thank you notes icon to go with the invitations above.

star wars thankl you notesstar wars thank you notes









star wars invitations






fill-In Invitations & thank you notes

If you're on a budget, you can always use the ready made 'fill-in' style Star Wars birthday invitations and thank you notes. There are actually several different designs available.

Click on the link next to the relevant flag for supplies in your area:


usa flagFor US visitors, the following designs are available here.



star wars party invitationsstar wars birthday party invitationsstar wars birthday invitations


There's also a range of thank you notes for you to follow up with after the party.


star wars thank you notes star wars thank you notesstar wars thank you cards





uk flagFor UK visitors, the invitation below is available here


australian flag

For Australian visitors, see here


clone wars birthday invitations






Homemade Lightsaber Invitations

If you want to make home-made invitations, you could use these paper lightsaber invitations (below, by Jami at The Blackberry Vine) which are made from glitter card stock.

Pick up the iconglitter card-stock and all the other necessary supplies here (USA). Or for UK visitors see here.

    star wars birthday party invitations






Star Wars Postage Stamps

To really customize your Star Wars birthday invitations add these postage stamps. There are lots of different designs to choose from.

usa flagNote: These are only available in the USA.


star wars postage stampsstar wars stampsstar wars stamps





Invitation Wording

If you're making your own home-made Star Wars birthday invitations, using tags or the 'fill-in' style ones, incorporate some familiar phrases from the movies.

Some examples are:

  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

  • There was a strong disturbance in the force...

  • The Jedi Council request that all young Padawans attend...

  • To celebrate Padawan (name), the chosen one's birthday

  • Use the force to reply (or for non-Jedis call....[insert telephone number])

  • Bring your lightsabers to complete your Jedi training (if you're sending out the inflatable or glow stick lightsabers).

  • And of course......May the force be with you






Mailing Tubes (for inflatable lightsabers)

Send your lightsaber invitations to guests in mailing tubes such as these.

Click on the link next to the relevant flag for supplies in your area:

mailing tubes


usa flag

4" x 24" Tubes (Case of 12).

Free Shipping!


uk flag940 x 76mm Tubes (Pack of 20)

Free Delivery!




Size Information: Inflatable Lightsaber from USA is approx 20" long. I would guess that a 4" diameter tube should be more than sufficient to accommodate the width of the lightsaber when inflated.

The UK Lightsaber is 74cm long so the best size tube is 940 x 76mm. (You loose approx 10mm off the length at each end due to the depth of the caps, so a 760mm tube only has an internal length of 740mm).





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