Sesame street birthday party

Below are my Sesame Street birthday party ideas with lots of suggestions for a Sesame Street party theme including party decorations, invitations, food and drink, and Sesame Street party games.

These Sesame Street party theme ideas are inspired by the main characters such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, and The Count. However, I have a separate page devoted to Elmo birthday party ideas, so be sure to read this page too so you can incorporate some Elmo themed ideas into your Sesame Street birthday party.

sesame street birthday party



Sesame Street Party Invitations

Below are some invitation ideas for your Sesame Street birthday party:




Edible Invitations

Edible party invitations always grab people's attention, so if you're able to hand-deliver them, you could make a batch of these Cookie Monster Cookies (below, by Katrina at In Katrina's Kitchen) and use them as the invitations for your Sesame Street birthday party.

sesame street birthday party cookie monster cookies


Wrap them up in cellophane, tie with a ribbon and pop a sticky label on the back with all the party details on.

Or if you need to send your invitations by post, you can buy these gourmet chocolate Sesame Street lollipops below - USA only). You can buy these in packs of 12 so they work out around $1 each. If you want to embellish them further, present them in small decorative boxes.

cookie monster lollipops sesame street lollipopsbig bird lollipops

To turn these into the invitations for your Sesame Street birthday party, just attach a small tag with all the party details on (see examples at Using Tags on the Create Invitations page). Either hand write these onto a decorative shipping tag, or you can have these printed quite cheaply incorporating your own photograph - see printed mini cards in the Photo Invitations section below.




Photo invitations

A cost effective way to make your own personalized Sesame Street birthday party invitations is with these printed mini cards (below) - they're only $19.95 / £12 for 100 cards.

mini cardsmoo mini cards






Upload your own photo to print on the front (for example, the birthday boy or girl dressed as Cookie Monster, Big Bird or Elmo) then add your choice of text on the other side. You can then stick these cards onto a larger piece of colored cardstock and print the party details on your home printer (see example above right). As they're quite small, you can attach a few different photo cards per invitation showing your child in different poses.

See the Costumes section of these Sesame Street birthday party ideas for more costume like these.

cookie monster baby costume sesame street kids costumesbig bird kids costume




Readymade Invitations

For a cheap and easy option, there are lots of cute Sesame Street birthday party invitations such as the ones below that you can buy, including one that you can personalize.

personalized sesame street invitationsabby cadabby invitationssesame street birthday party invitations




Homemade Invitations

If you want to make your own Sesame Street birthday party invitations you could easily do this using cardstock. Check out these below by Monica at Add a Little Dazzle for inspiration. She actually used a stamp to make these, but if you don't have one I'm sure you could just cut them out as the shapes are all fairly basic.

sesame street birthday party invitationssesame street birthday party invitations










Elmo Invitations

Don't forget to check out the party invitation ideas on the Elmo birthday party page for some other ideas, such as these homemade Elmo and Cookie Monster pom-poms (below), which could make cute 3D invitations.

sesame street birthday party crafts




Invitation Wording

Here are some ideas for the wording of your Sesame Street birthday party invitations:

  • Use the heading 'Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?'
  • Spell out your child's name and give examples of other things related to the party that begin with each letter. For example:

    R is for Rosita's Spanish Word of the Day
    E is for Elmo's pepperoni pizza
    B is for Big Bird's bird seed milkshake
    E is for Ernie's rubber ducky ice cream
    C is for Cookie decorating with Cookie Monster
    C is for Counting with The Count
    A is for Alphabet Spaghetti

    All of which are waiting for you at Rebecca's Sesame Street birthday party!
  • Have The Count announce how old your child will be:

    'One: One Year'

    'Two: Two Years'

    'Three: Three Years Old. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha'

  • Write: 'The party will be brought to you by the letter (insert first letter of child's name) and the number (insert child's age)'.

  • Mention characters from the show ex, 'Join Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie, and The Count...."








Below are some themed drinks for your Sesame Street birthday party:


Bird Seed Milkshake

Everyone knows Big Bird loves his bird seed milkshakes, but how do you make one that's actually edible? I came across a posting from 'Bear' on the Muppet Central fan site who's come up with a simple recipe. He used shelled sunflower and pumpkin seeds in a blender with some milk, a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream and some cinnamon.



sesame street birthday party rubber ducky punchErnie's Rubber Ducky Punch

This recipe for Ducky Bath Punch (right, by Cheryl at The Tidy Mom) was originally created for a baby shower, but I think it's perfect to be re-named as Ernie's Rubber Ducky Punch for a Sesame Street birthday party.

You can pick up some cheap iconmini rubber ducks here.





sesame street birthday party chocolate chip milkshakeCookie Monster's Milkshake

This recipe for a Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake (right by Maria and Josh at Two Peas & Their Pod) would make a perfect Cookie Monster themed drink.






sesame street birthday party trash can punchOscar's Trash Can Punch

Make this Wormy Swamp Punch (right, from Land O Lakes) but freeze the worms into the OJ ice cubes so they float on top like bits of trash. Use fish bone ice cube molds too and bits of fruit—anything that might add to the trash can look.

Sit your punch bowl raised up on a cake stand, then create a façade by wrapping them both in some thick card arranged in a cylindrical shape. Cover the card with tin foil to look like Oscar's trash can, and scrunch up some balls of news paper around it.

Serve the punch into icon silver plastic cups to resemble mini trash cans.



sesame street birthday party big bird punchBig Bird Punch

Make this Yellow Pineapple Punch (right, from Tree Top) and call it Big Bird Punch.

Serve it in a punch bowl and then follow the steps below to turn the bowl into big bird's face:





  • For the base: Cut the top, bottom and sides off a pineapple so you're left with a large block of pineapple that will stand up in your punch bowl.

  • For the eyes: Stick two skewers into the top of the pineapple, so the top of the skewers stand an inch or so below the rim of your punch bowl. Then add a slice of apple (dipped in lemon juice to stop it browning) to the top of each skewer with a black grape in the middle of each. Cut 2 semi circles of orange fruit leather and put these on top of the apple slice as eyelids.

  • For the beak: Peel a banana and cut a bit off one end to create a flat base. Cover in a little lemon juice. Then, using a skewer fix the banana into the pineapple base so that the top of the banana is more or less the same height as the apple eyes. Repeat with another banana for the bottom part of the beak. You can also line the inside of each banana with some red fruit leather to create the inside of his mouth.

  • For the face: Then fill the bowl with the pineapple punch (covering the pineapple base) up to the bottom of the apple eyes / banana beak, and wrap a couple of yellow feather boas around the bowl to create Bird Bird's feathers.






Sesame Street Party Food




Below are some of my favorite recipes for a Sesame Street birthday party:


  • I love this Sesame Street bento box (below by Texas Mom of 4), particularly the Big Bird Mac & Cheese:

sesame street birthday party big bird mac and cheese



sesame street birthday party elmo pizza



  • Similarly, you could make Big Bird mini pizzas using corn for the face, some yellow bell pepper for the beak, and mozerella or haloumi cheese for the eyes with black olives as the pupils.
  • Or make Oscar the Grouch mini pizzas using spinach for the face, black olives for the mouth, pepperoni for the tongue, the underside of a mushroom cap for the eyebrows, and mozerella or haloumi cheese for the eyes with black olives as the pupils.

  • To make bite-size pizzas, use these Cookie Monster / Elmo Cutters (below, USA only) to shape them. Or use them to shape sandwiches.

elmo cookie cutter


  • This Oscar the Grouch bento lunch (below, by Lise at Veggie Bento) is really cute and you can easily adapt these to make simple open sandwiches. She used the Elmo cookie cutter above to cut out a bread base then topped it with mashed avacodo. You can make eyes by cutting out small circles of mozerella then adding black olives as the pupils.

oscar the grouch sandwich


  • I came accross this picture of Bert (below from Mom's Crazy Kitchen) made for a bento box. I'm not sure what she used to make this but it got me thinking that it would be fairly easy to make something similar out of cheese (which could then be served on crackers). Use Nori to create the hair and eyebrows (or carve from the skin of a cucumber to make it more kid friendly), mozerella and black olives (or black grapes) for the eyes, and some pepperoni for his (open) mouth.

sesame street birthday party bert


  • Similarly, you could also make Ernie cheese and crackers by using some orange colored cheese (in the UK we have Red Leicester) and a cherry tomato for the nose.


  • Check out these amazing Sesame Street faces made from fruit and vegetables (below, by Lauren J at Catch My Party) - it's such a great idea and a good way to add some healthy options to the menu. All the eyes are made from small cups of vegetable dip or vanilla pudding mix with whipped cream for the fruit ones. Big Bird is just pineapple

sesame street party food


  • Everyone knows Bert loves his oatmeal, so make a batch of these Blueberry Oatmeal Bars (below, by Jessica Seinfeld via Oprah) for your Sesame Street birthday party. They actually contain hidden spinach (don't worry, you can't taste it!) so are perfect to sneak in some extra goodness.

sesame street birthday party blueberry oatmeal bars


  • Make these cute Ducky Desserts (below left, from Disney Family Fun) and serve them on top of blue jello as Ernie's Rubber Ducky Ice Creams. Or for something healthier make Bert and Ernie out of fruit (below right, by Jill at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons):

sesame street birthday party ernie's rubber duckysesame street birthday party bert and ernie









sesame street birthday party cookie monster cookiesesame street birthday party cookie monster cupcake


  • To make other Sesame Street cupcakes such as Big Bird, Oscar, or Elmo you can pipe the frosting (like these below left, by Charmaine at Charmaine's Pastry Blog)

sesame street birthay party cupcakesesame street birthday party cupcakes


  • or use sprinkles for the fur (like these below right from Cutest Food)

sesame street birthday party cupcakes


  • Alternatively, for step-by-step instructions check out this video tutorial (by yoyomax12 on You Tube):


  • If you prefer to simply decorate some cupcakes you can use these Sesame Street cupcake rings (below left), Elmo cupcake wrappers (below center), or these edible Elmo icing decorations (below right). See here for more info on all of these items

sesame street cupcake ringselmo cake decorationselmo cupcake liners


sesame street birthday party cake pops


  • Cake pops can be a bit of a hassle to make. You have to bake the cake, crumble it, then mix frosting into the crumbs, roll into balls, then freeze a little to harden... all before you come to decorate them. An easier option is to use one of these Cake Pop Makers (below left) to make cake balls in less than 5 mins, then decorate with frosting. It's a well priced option at only $18 / £20. Alternatively, these Cake Pop Baking Pans will also do the trick (below right).

cake pop makercake pop baking pan










alphabet letters cookie cutters

  • A Sesame Street birthday party wouldn't be complete without some letters and numbers, so include some Alphabet spaghetti / chicken nuggets, or use alphabet cookie cutters (right) to shape sandwiches, pizza, fruit slices, jello or cheese into bite-sized portions.

  • If you haven't already, don't forget to also see the food section of my Elmo birthday party ideas page for lots of other Elmo-themed recipes to add to your Sesame Street birthday party. These include a great little recipe for Elmo's Red Veggie Alphabet Soup Shots (below left), Elmo PB&J sandwiches (below center), and Elmo jello (below right).

sesame street birthday party alphabet soupelmo birthday party ideas elmo sandwichelmo birthday party ideas elmo jello













Birthday Cake

  • This Elmo cake pan (below) is a really easy way to turn out an impressive looking Sesame Street birthday party cake. For extra presentation, serve it on a tray with lots of crayons scattered around it.

elmo cake pan


  • If you don't want to bake from scratch, you can buy a cake and use these Sesame Street bithday party candles (below left and center) and toppers (below right) to decorate it. See here for these items

sesame street candleelmo cake topperssesame street candles


  • For US visitors, you can have one of these edible cake images (below, USA only) personalized with your child's name.

sesame street edible image




Food and Drink Styling

Here are some ideas for ways to style and decorate a Sesame Street birthday party:




Buffet / Dessert Table

When I remember Sesame Street I always think of the urban street scene with the famous lamppost and street sign, the front stoop of the brownstone apartment building, Hooper's Store, Oscar's trash can, and Big Bird's nest (below).

sesame street brownstone


So take this as inspiration for your Sesame Street birthday party decorations and create this scene below for your dessert / buffet table by following the steps below.

sesame street dessert table


  • Pick up a brick wall scene setter (below left) to use as a backdrop to the food table. Don't worry if this sounds a bit industrial for a kid's party - we'll be adding lots of colorful items on top to break it up. Alternatively, if you'd prefer something a bit softer check out the dessert table styling options on the Elmo Birthday Ideas page which uses a blue sky background (below center) with added clouds (below right) as the backdrop.

brick wall scene settercloud stickerssky scene setter

  • If you're using the brick wall backdrop, start to build up the street scene by taking inspiration from the photo below of the Strong Museum of Play Sesame Street exhibit.

sesame street birthday party big birdsesame street birthday party big bird


  • Using card stock cut out some shapes to resemble open windows (with a window ledge, etc) and add these to the brick wall backdrop. Alternatively, you can buy this window scene setter add-on (below left) for just a few dollars. Then add some cut outs of some of the Sesame Street characters such as Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster or Elmo so they look like they're popping their head out of the window (like Big Bird in the photos above). You can use the special Paint and Color game on the Sesame Street website to print off drawings of Sesame Street characters (below center). Just save them to your computer, enlarge them and print off yourself.

window scene setter sesame street sign postsesame street cut outs


  • Next, make the famous Sesame Street lamp post (above right) out of green cardstock and add this to the brick / sky backdrop. There's a fairly hi resolution image of the Sesame Street sign here. Alternatively, make a smaller tabletop version by painting a dowel rod or a large cardboard tube green. Use a Styrofoam ball as the bulb then add the Sesame Street logo sticking out to the side.

sesame street logo


sesame street sign


  • I also think the clothesline complete with laundry in the above picture if a really nice touch. You could make this part of your backdrop (which would help add some nice 3D elements) by stringing a line of cute baby / toddler clothes accross the top of the brick wall backdrop.

sesame street bannersesame street banner


  • For a dramatic 3D centerpiece for your Sesame Street birthday party, use one of these giant Airwalker balloon (below left) to bring Big Bird to life. Position it on the table (if you have enough space overhead) or to one side. You can also get an Elmo airwalker balloon (below center) or a smaller Cookie Monster mylar baloon (below right) for the other end of the table if you wish. See here for all Sesame Street balloons.

big bird ballooncookie monster balloonelmo airwalker balloon

  • At the other end of the table set up a metal waste paper basket (or cover a regular one in tin foil) and position an Oscar cut out (below left, from the Paint and Color game (above) peering out with a cardstock speech bubble that says 'scram!'. Alternatively, use this icongiant Oscar wall decal (below center, USA only), which you can re-use for your child's bedroom after the party, and add it to the brick wall backdrop - or just use a plush toy (below right). You can also dress around the trash can / plush toy with scrunched up balls of paper or other objects to resemble trash for added authenticity.

oscar the grouchsesame street oscar plush toysesame street wall stickers


  • In addition to the Oscar wall decal above, there are lots of other icon Sesame Steet wall decals available. These are a great way to decorate because you can use them again afterwards. You could use these as an alternative way to create a backdrop for a Sesame Street dessert table - just apply them to a plain wall.

sesame street wall decalssesame street wall stickerssesame street wall vinyls


  • Use a green colored table cloth for your Sesame Street birthday party in keeping with the green and yellow Sesame Street colors. Raise up food items at the back of the table by covering boxes with yellow paper and adding a green strip of ribbon (see illustration above). Then use yellow and white colored plates and serving trays - in keeping with the Sesame Street colors. Or if you prefer, use a random combination of primary colored plates to add plenty of color to the display. I recommend these disposable Premium Plastic Plates (below), they're great value and look so much nicer than regular paper party plates.

premium plastic platesparty platesplastic party plates

  • Print off the Sesame Street logo (above) and hang it accross the front of the table.

  • Tie some bunches of balloons to each end of the table to add more splashes of color and balance out the brick backdrop.

  • Scatter some iconfoam letters and numbers (below, USA only) around the tabletop.

foam letters




Alternative Backgrounds

crepe paper streamersstreamer backdrop











  • Below is an illustration to give you an idea how this might look.

sesame street dessert table



  • Another inexpensive option to create a backdrop is to use a 'wall' of balloons by fixing them to vertical strips of this adhesive balloon decorating tape (below). Hang each strip closely to each other to form a nice tight block. If they droop a little just use a small piece of double sided sticky tape in between each balloon to stick it to the next balloon over.

balloon decorating tape


  • Below is an idea of how this might look:

sesame street dessert table




Food Presentation

sesame street treat pailelmo pailsesame street buckets

  • Create the Sesame Street singing food by adding googly eyes and cardstock mouths to different fruit and veg and using these to dress serving trays or the table top.

  • sesame street birthday party singing food
  • Make food labels for each dish that highlight the letter than each dish begins with, ex P is for Pizza

elmo cake stand




Table Styling




Below are some ideas for how to style the dining table for your Sesame Street birthday party:

sesame street party suppliesabby cadabby party suppliessesame street tableware


elmo tablecover


sesame street high chair decorating kit


sesame street party plates spots tableclothsesame street plates


  • Another fun idea is to theme the table around one Sesame Street character, such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar or Elmo. The easiest way to do this is to use a solid color tablecover in keeping with the character - such as blue for cookie monster (below left). Then create a faux fur table runner down the center of the table, using colored fur (below center for Cookie Monster). Or if budget permits, cover the entire tabletop using faux fur. Then choose solid color plates and napkins according to whatever secondary colors are associated with the particular character (ex, Cookie Monster would be white plates and black napkins, Big Bird would be orange plates and red napkins, Oscar would be brown plates and black napkins, and Elmo would be orange plates and black napkins). Finally, use a plush toy of the character as a centerpiece (below right), raised up on a colored box.

blue tablecover cookie monster plush toyblue fur


  • Once you've chosen your colors for your Sesame Street birthday party, create a tablescape running down the center that uses lots of brightly colored objects and toys that start with the same letter as your child's first name (ex, if you child's name starts with G use goldfish, grapefruit, gingerbread men, gorilla, etc). You could use this as an educational game by deliberately including some more obscure objects and seeing if they can identify what they are (ex, Grapefruit—then have them taste a slice).
  • If you want to take this idea one step further you could also group each object according to the number of your child's age (ex, 3 grapefruits, 3 gingerbread men, etc) and have them count them like The Count (ie, 'One Grapefruit, ah ha ha', 'two grapefruits, ah ha ha' etc).
  • Spell out your child's name as a centerpiece using these cheap 8" paper mache letters (below -USA only) and cover them in things like glitter, feathers, sequins, polka dot stickers etc.

paper mache letters block letterscraft letters

sesame street confetti

sesame street party hats

  • Make these Sesame Street paper craft models by downloading the free templates for Bert and Ernie (below left by Keith Allen) or Cookie Monster, Oscar, and Elmo (below right by Free Paper Crafts and Models) and use them as place cards to tell people where to sit.

sesame street birthday party bert and erniesesame street birthday party oscar


  • I always think it's important to fill the space above the table too, so use a cluster of paper lanterns (below left, from Martha Strewart). You can also pick up cheap battery LED bulbs to make the lanterns glow without having to worry about power cords. Alternatively, for a more feminine look use tissue pom-poms (below right, Martha Stewart). You could add some simple cardstock eyes and mouths to turn these into different Sesame Street characters. See the decorations section below for how to turn lanterns and pom poms into Sesame Street characters such as Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird.

red paper lanterns tissue pom poms











Sesame Street Party Decorations

Below are some ideas for general decorations for your Sesame Street birthday party:

elmo party decorations yard signsesame street banner






  • If you want to personalize things even more, print a life-size cut out (below left) of your child dressed in a Sesame Street costume to stand at the end of your drive or outside your door. These can also be combined with a motion-activated voice recorder (below right, USA only) which are only $10. Simply pre-record a short welcome message and it will play everytime someone passes by.

life size cut outsmotion activated voice recorderbig bird kids costume

  • See my Elmo birthday party ideas page for more information about this brightly colored balloon wreath (below), which is perfect to hang on the front door for a Sesame Street birthday party.

sesame street birthday partysesame street birthday party balloons


  • Alternatively, Airwalker balloons (available in Big Bird and Elmo shapes) make a big impression. You could use one of these at the front door to welcome people as they arrive.

elmo airwalker balloonbig bird balloon












sesame street streamerselmo balloon


sesame street paper garlands elmo decorations


  • There are lots of Sesame Street wall decals and scene setters available online. Use these as party decorations, then re-apply them to your child's bedroom walls afterwards.

  • Make your own letter and number cut-outs and stick these around the party and hang them down from the ceiling at different heights. You can make these more interesting by giving each one a different texture (ex, glitter, macaroni, foam, etc).

  • For a Sesame Street birthday party theme, simple party decorations such as balloons, crepe paper streamers, and paper lanterns / pom-poms are often enough to add lots of color to your home or garden.
  • You can also turn regular paper lanterns into different characters from Sesame Street by just cutting their features out of card stock and applying to a colored paper lantern. You can also add a cheap battery powered LED light to make them light up.

red paper lanternelmo lantern









blue paper lanterncookie monster lantern



  • Similarly, you can use tissue pom-poms to add some more texture. These work particularly well for Big Bird's feathers.

yellow tissue pom pomsbig bird decorations













Sesame Street birthday Party Games

See my seperate Sesame Street Party Games page for more ideas and activities for a Sesame Street birthday party.

sesame street party ideas elmo games











Sesame Street Costumes

There are lots of Sesame Street costumes available for boys and girls of all ages, so let the birthday boy or girl get dressed up for their party. Or photograph them in one to make personalized Sesame Street birthday party invitations.

cookie monster costumeabby cadabby costumebig bird costume




sesame street birthday Party Favors

Keep things simple and pick up these pre-filled Sesame Street favor boxes (below left and center, USA only) or if you prefer to fill your own use these treat bags (below right, USA only). Both are available here

sesame street party favorssesame street loot bagsabby cadabby party favors





Thank You Notes

Follow up after the party with ready-made Sesame Street thank you notes such as these (below).

abby cadabby thank you notes sesame street thank you cardssesame street thank you notes





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