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Kid's Birthday Party Invitations

By an Award-Winning Professional Party Planner

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About This Site

If you're tired of the same old clichéd party ideas, and are looking for something more inspiring or just a little bit different, this site is packed with original and creative party ideas. I'm Matt James, an award-winning professional event planner who has produced events for many celebrities including Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Stella McCartney, among others. On this site I'll share professional tips, advice, and trade secrets—that anyone can do—in order to add some creative touches to your party or celebration; whatever your budget.

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Kid's Birthday Party Invitations

Check out this site for the biggest range of kid's birthday party invitations. This is probably my favorite site for invitations as there are just so many different styles available; vintage, sophisticated, lighthearted, printable etc and they're much less commercial looking than a lot of other birthday invitation sites.

superhero newspaper invitation
mad hatter tea party invitation
science invitation
carnival invitation

Shaped Invitations

This site also has some great shaped invitations, such as the ones featured below, which always makes the invitations feel a little more special.

football invitation
handbag invitation
dr who tardis invitation
star wars bb8 invitation

barbie invitation
nerf gun invitation

Photo Invitations

This site is particularly good for simple and modern photo-based kid's birthday party invitations, although they also have some cute illustrated ones too.

custom photo invitation
custom photo invitation
custom photo birthday invitation
custom photo invitation

sophisticated Invitations

If you're looking for more chic and sophisticated kid's birthday invitations, iconcheck out this site. Note that they have a lot of great illustrated invitations, such as the ones below, but they are not all listed under the kids section on their website—so be sure to check out their general party invitations too and then just customize the text accordingly.

football invitation
ballet shoe invitation
cake invitation
pumpkin carriage invitation

theme party invitations

This site has a great selection of kids birthday party invitations for themed parties such as sleepovers, camp outs, nail parties, pool parties etc.

pajama party invitation
mail party invitation
camp out invitation
magic show invitation

art party invitation
costume party invitation
party in the park invitations

They also have plenty of general kid's party invitations that are just really well designed, such as the ones below.

1st birthday party invitation
rollerboot invitation invitation
race car invitation
soda shop invitation

Pop up Invitations

Finally, this site also has some cute pop-up invitations that are worth checking out if you're looking for something a bit more unusual.

wizard of oz pop up invitation
airplane pop up invitation
snoopy pop up invitation
carousel invitation
About Matt James

is a professional event planner and owner of event agency Left Field Productions, which has produced events for Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Spacey, Stella McCartney, David LaChapelle, John Waters, and Elvis Costello & Diana Krall. Since 2004, Left Field Productions has won 30 industry awards for excellence including Production Company of the Year. Matt is the author of the book Become an Event Planner: Secrets for Getting Hired from Employers, Recruiters, and Event Professionals.

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  • Kid's birthday party invitations

    by an award-winning professional party planner